Things to Consider When Buying A Dog Crate

You might have seen many dogs enclosed in a broad cage on and off. Do you think it’s cruel or inhumane? If so, then it’s the right time to change your views. Before further ado, you must know, what are dog cages and why they are used? Keep reading!

What are dog crates?

A dog crate is basically a wire, plastic or metal cage – with a door – where a dog is kept for transportation or security purpose. These cages are not just essential for providing a hygienic personal space to your canine buddy, but will keep them disciplined.

Why dog crates are a must-have for dog owners?

Is it heart wrenching for you to leave your pet alone at home while you are travelling? Do you want to take your pooch along everywhere you go? But, the question is how? And the answer lies in dog cages.

Cages, kennels or crates allow the owner to create a dedicated and safe space for pets that can be settled in the corner of a home or can be carried along. No matter if you want to take your doggie out with you on a trip or wish to visit the nearby pet hospital for a regular checkup, a dog kennel is at your service! Besides, it helps to

  • keep your furniture chew-free by disciplining a spoiled doggie
  • Prevent destruction habits in dogs
  • Limit the movement of your pooch by providing safe and peaceful space, when sick or injured
  • Save you from possible embarrassment on the visit of important guests
  • Create a personal space of its own where your pet can do whatsoever it wishes to because who don’t need privacy?

How to select a crate for your dog?

Initially, introducing your dog to the cage can be a chore. However, consistent sessions and patience are vital for pet’s well-being. The key is to make your doggie at ease and for that you need to own a crate that is spacious enough for him to reside comfortably. Fortunately, you may find a wide variety, style, shapes and sizes of cages in the market.

When a kennel is big enough for your pooch, then it can lead to some serious problems. For example, because of ample space; pets may do their litter inside it and ultimately will end up in mess. On the other hand, a narrow cage can make your canine uncomfortable, agitated, aggressive and depress. Similarly, different types of crates are available, including wire, metal, plastic, wood, etc. Hence, you have a bunch of options to choose what is right for you and your beloved.

Which size is suitable for your dog? Which type of crate is more durable and beneficial?  Get your answers below!

Size Guide for a dog crate

Buying a dog crate is important, which is already discussed. However, the most essential consideration while buying a cage is a perfect size. Here are few key points you should keep in mind before measuring your dog for crate.

  1. Big sized cages are not recommended because
  • It can make your pooch uncomfortable by feeling that they are almost rattling around in a big space, just like any other room at your house. Ultimately, it will ruin the idea of providing a personal space to the pet
  • Doggies will start using their cages for doing their “business” too because of enough space
  1. Small sized cages are not good because
  • Narrow openings and small doors will restrict your big dogs inside
  • It can make your dog depress and agitated when it is not able to move, turn around, lay or sleep

What Crate Size is Ideal for Growing Pups?

If you are planning to buy a small-sized dog crate for your puppy, then think again. Your pup will keep on growing and eventually end up in a giant dog. Although, upgrading crates during the growth process can be quite expensive, but there’s a cost-effective solution to your problem.

Rather buying a small-sized crate for your puppy, you can opt for a full-sized cage with partition (wiring or wooden). These partitions are removable and temporary, allowing you to adjust the size of crate at any time, as per your requirement. However, to buy a crate for an adult doggie, you can consult to the following measuring chart.

How to measure a dog for buying a perfect sized cage?

Step 1

  • Make your dog stand tall, on all four paws. Measure it from the tip of the nose to base of its tail. Remember not to measurement till the tip of the tail else it will end up in wrong measurements
  • Add 2 to 4 inches to the exact measurement 1 and you will get a perfect length of the cage

Step 2

  • Some dogs are tall in their sitting position than standing. For accurate measurements, make your dog sit on his hind legs while standing high on front legs
  • Take measurement 2 from the floor to the tallest point of nose
  • Add 2 to 4 inches in the measurement and that’s about it

You need a crate that’s 2-4 inches longer than measurement 1 and 2-4 inches broader than measurement 2. Isn’t it simple?

Types of Dog Crates

These days, you may find several kinds of dog crates in the market with different advantages and disadvantages. Here, you will be reading about them in detail.

  1. Wired/Metal Dog Crates

As the name indicates, these types of cages are made of thick wires or metal sheets. They are the most commonly seen all over. Some models have a single door while other possesses multiple openings.

Why you should Buy Wired/metal dog crates?

  • Allows great airflow
  • Allows the owner to monitor his doggie on and off
  • Usually light in weight and portable
  • Available with divider panels
  • Entails removable tray for cleaning purpose

Why you should NOT Buy Wired/metal dog crates?

  • Some pets may feel exposed because of the see-through walls
  • Intelligent dogs can escape easily

  1. Plastic Dog Crates

Plastic dog cages are also known as “pet carrier” or “travel cages”. The plastic crates are ideal for transportation purpose, especially when traveling through airlines or cars.

Why you should Buy Plastic dog crates?

  • Light in weight and more portable as compare to metal or wire cages
  • Bottom of these crates can be used as an open pet bed
  • Better insulation in colder climate
  • More sheltered, more secure
  • Travel-friendly
  • Difficult to escape

Why you should NOT Buy Plastic dog crates?

  • Hard to clean
  • Enclosed nature can stress out some pets
  • Can’t fold flat
  • Reduced ventilation
  • Not suitable for hot climates

  1. Wooden Dog Crates

Some people prefer to use stylish crates in order to keep them indoors. Wooden cages are great for providing a personal space to your dog without compromising on home décor. They are available in several styles and colors.

Why you should Buy Wooden dog crates?

  • Stylish and colorful
  • Can fit indoors effortlessly
  • A wide variety is available to choose from

Why you should NOT Buy Wooden dog crates?

  • Not suitable for destructive dogs
  • Expensive as compare to other types of crates
  • Hard to clean

Indoor v/s outdoor crates

Above-mentioned detailed review on types of cages can help you to choose the best option for your canine buddy. Crates can be kept indoors and outdoors are well, depending upon the nature of pet and owner’s convenience.

  • Plastic crates can be used in both ways. They are travel-friendly and consume less storage space in any corner of a house. However, keeping your dog inside this type of sheltered cage for a longer duration can result in depression
  • Wired/metal crates are available in a huge variety. They are open and airy and thus perfect for sun bathe or outdoors. However, because of big size of such cages, they may not fit in small houses
  • Wooden cages are specifically designed for indoors. Because of their heavy weight, it’s difficult to carry along while traveling

Final Woof

Crates are essential for your pet’s well-being, as long as they are comfortable inside. For choosing a suitable sized crate for your dog, above-mentioned measurement guideline can be really helpful. There are different types of cages allowing you to choose a perfect one, matching your needs. For example, wire/metal cages are more practical, plastic one is great for traveling while, wooden cages are ideal for indoor use.

Crates aim to keep your doggo comfortable, protected, secured and disciplined, get them one!


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