How Many Doggos are Enough Doggos – Pros and Cons of Having a Multi Dog Household

For the longest time, dogs have been known as the friendliest and most loyal animals. This is why, these creatures are highly preferred by a lot of pet lovers too. Are you among those who are fond of dogs and already own one? If so, then you must be having a great time with your furry buddy. However, are you planning to bring another canine into the house? Not that it’s an issue, but you can’t overlook the fact that having multiple dogs under one roof is a totally different experience than owning just one of them.

There are several pros and cons of a multi dog household, so if you are about to head out to bring home a couple of new loyal pets, then it is recommended to make a well-informed decision. Wondering what these pros and cons can be? Let’s start with exploring the advantages first.

Why Having Multiple Dogs Is A Good Idea

1. A new companion for the lone animal

Just like humans, dogs need companions too, and having multiple canines in the house will give them exactly that! After all, you can’t always hang around the furry fellow to satisfy its need of a constant friend. Can you? Having one dog means that the animal might get extremely bored and lonely at times, and thus when you bring home a new pooch; your first pet is most likely to get pretty excited. As companions, they can goof around, socialize, sleep, eat, and stay together as much as they want, without having to wait for hours to gain attention from their owner.

2. Reduced separation anxiety

One of the most challenging tasks for a dog owner is to put up with the pet’s separation anxiety, and help the animal deal with it. However, when you have more than one furry guy in the house, this won’t be too much of an issue at all. The reason is quite obvious. The animals will be there to keep each other’s company in your absence. In fact, they might not even miss you as such! You can get some important chores done or step outside your home without having to worry about your pet getting stressed out in your absence. The presence of multiple dogs, that get along well, will serve as a reassurance that they have someone to rely on always.

3. Appropriate and better social behavior

When you have more than one dog, chances are that their social behavior will naturally head towards betterment too. Socialization of your pets is crucial for their well-being, and should not be ignored at any cost. Living together with another furry buddy will help to accelerate this process effortlessly. Besides, the animals are likely to learn some good traits from one another too, especially when they see their owner praising or rewarding the other for its good behavior. Moreover, training the dogs might become easier and quicker as well since the canines will benefit from watching their companion being trained and learn to respond as desired.

4. Healthier and happier pets

Being around friends makes you naturally happy. Doesn’t it? Well, it is quite the same with doggies. Dogs are pack animals so even being in a small group of two or three gives them the sense of routine as well as security. A multi dog household will enable your pets to establish their unique pack, and provide them with a preferred natural living environment to dwell in. It is also seen that dogs that feel lonely are prone to suffer from stress and other problems, like skin and ear infections. Having a companion will thus give them a reason to lead a happier and healthier life.

5. A rewarding experience for the owner

As a dog owner, you would probably agree about how rewarding the whole experience is. You have a pet that showers you with physical affection during the best and worst of your moods, provides you with entertainment throughout the day with its playful tactics, and above all, bestows you with an amazing feeling of intangible companionship even when you are not interacting with the pooch directly. Now, when you bring home another dog, or more than one, these benefits will amplify and you will not only get the benefit of enjoying each pet’s company individually, but also enjoy seeing them bonding well together.

Are you feeling happy and excited to discover such encouraging pros of owning multiple dogs? Well, hold on, for it is time to investigate the downside of this situation now. Let’s get started!

Why Multiple Pet Dogs Can Become an Issue

1. More hassles to deal with

Owning multiple dogs may surely be rewarding for those who hold immense love for these creatures in their heart; however, it also increases the hassle of taking proper care of them. Whether or not you are prepared to deal with; this added responsibility is the first thing you should be considering while planning to opt for a multi dog household. Remember, multiple canines mean more commitment in terms of time as you will have to divide your attention between each pet equally. Furthermore, your house will be messier, there will more shed dog hair to clean up, and you will have to put in extra efforts to train each of them. The whole process of rearing multiple pets can be quite daunting. So, make sure you know what you are signing up for instead of blindly going with “the more the merrier” saying.

2. The dogs may not go well together

It’s true that dogs are creatures that crave for companionship, but this is not necessarily the case with all canines. In fact, there are high chances of your initial dog to be unwelcoming of a new pet, regardless of feeling lonely in your absence. It might eye the new addition to be an intruder trying to invade its personal space. Furthermore, there will be a lot of trouble if both dogs come to establish themselves as the ”alpha” in the group. For sure, they are pack animals and inclined to live in packs, but this does not mean that they will always accept any combination of breeds you bring in. The key is to assess each pet’s personality before introducing them to each other.

3. Separating them might be a problem

Okay, so if you do find easy success in getting your dogs to like one other instead of breaking into a fight at first sight; don’t get too excited! Why not? Well, the answer is simple. When the furry guys become the best of pals, they might give you a difficult time for being separate from each other. There are several situations when this has to be done, such as for individual training or a trip to the vet. Forcing them apart will trigger separation anxiety, and might also cause the dog left behind to grieve for its gone companion. Similarly you will need bigger space for them as well as large crates or kennels. Furthermore, if your dogs are highly dependent on each other, they will wreck havoc due to anger and stress if left to spend time on their own. Brooding with depression in a corner is another possibility.

4. They may pick up each other’s bad habits

Just like little kids, dogs too learn a lot through observations. When you bring another pooch home, you can expect your first pet to learn many new habits and behaviors from its companion. While a majority of this might be positive ones such as socializing well, becoming bold from shy, transforming from hyperactive to calm, and even picking up on training faster than expected; but there will be a handful of negative traits to pick up too. So, where you will be having issues dealing with one dog that enjoys ripping up the furniture or digging tunnels all over the garden; be mentally prepared to face double the problem in getting the situation under control with the other furry guy joining its pal in the fun!

5. Multiple dogs will increase your expenses

This drawback is very apparent and impossible to avoid. With multiple dogs comes an increased level of responsibility and several expenses for caring for each one. You will be required to spend more money on dog food, veterinary bills, pet medications and on their personal-care items, such as shampoos, toys and leashes. Also, if you plan to invest in dog crates, you might have to buy a separate one for each dog, so that’s another additional cost. All in all, although having more canines in the house means more cuddling and friendlier vibes around you, only go for it if you are sure of your ability to afford the whole deal.

Final Woof

There you are! We are done with listing down the most prominent advantages and drawbacks of owning more than one dog. By analyzed each of the above points thoroughly, what are your thoughts now? Do you think of a multi-dog household as a good idea, or do you think it will be difficult to manage? Be clear before making any decision because owning a dog is a big responsibility!

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