Plastic Dog Crates – All You Need to Know About Plastic Dog Crates

For years, plastic dog crates have been serving the purpose of providing a special den-like space for pet dogs, where they can curl up for a nap or just feel comfortable overall. In fact, even dog owners can benefit from a crate because this time confinement” will keep their furry friends safe and secure, while they are not under direct supervision. This way, you can also save your personal stuff, such as furniture, clothes and various accessories, from being chewed on. This article is all about plastic dog crates! So in order to know more about them, keep reading.

What are Plastic Dog Crates – The Ultimate Benefits

This type of crate flaunts a hard plastic shell and a wired door at the front that prevents the canine from escaping. It features a few slits along the sides and at the outer shell in order to ensure proper ventilation. The crate also comes with a removable tray to place pet food in it. This tray makes cleaning of the carrier effortless as well. Often, you will hear this tool being termed as a pet carrier. This is because people tend to buy it separately for traveling purposes only. However, it is a recommendable option for day-to-day use as well. Being compact; it’s a perfect choice for small breeds.

There are so many benefits associated with the usage of plastic dog crates. Hence, if you fail to buy one for your beloved pooch; it would be a wasted opportunity. Do you want to know how? Well, read on to discover how these dog crates can make your life easier.

A superb tool for housetraining pets

Is your pup house-trained yet? If no, then grab the plastic cage to initiate the task! If you manage to get the right-sized kennel; your dog will adore it as a personal space to dwell in, and would naturally want to keep it free of urine and feces. Gradually, the animal will learn to come out of its resting area to do its business. Make sure you take the canine outdoors in order to show him the right place to litter. There may be a few “accidents” initially, but keep practicing by congratulating your furry buddy with a walk, treat or game, each time it litters where it is supposed to.

Facilitator for chew toy habit

A good way to keep dogs stimulated both, mentally and physically, is to get them addicted to chew-toys. With a decent plastic crate – as a convenient shelter for your pet, you can provide the pooch with different chew-toys to explore. There are food stuffed chew-toys available in the market for this purpose, like the Kong and Kibble Dispenser. A Nylabone toy, with drilled holes to contain wet dog food or some other wholesome filling, is another good option. If your pooch isn’t ready for a nap, then you can place him inside the crate, allow him to chew away for hours and tire himself out. The more tired, the better sleep.

An excellent tool for behavior management

Plastic dog kennels can help you with the overall management of your pets. You can use the space to reinforce good behavior in them. This includes more than just the potty training part. Destructive chewing can be eliminated, and your canine can be taught to sit and greet guests instead of jumping on them. You can even put them in cage and let them play with their favorite toys, on the arrival of some important guests. Besides, the pooch can be secured inside the crate in times when you have to step out, leaving it unsupervised.

Introducing the Plastic Crate to your Pet

Whether your pet welcomes the plastic cage as a cozy retreat or views it as a prison; it depends totally on how you have introduced the product to the furry fellow. An ideal solution is to make it familiar with the personal den when it’s only a puppy. Just make sure that it doesn’t end up inside the cage for most of the day as dogs are supposed to be social animals. Give it opportunities for mental stimulation, exercises, and interaction with people as well as other canines.

Furthermore, a secret tip to allure your pet inside its new plastic shelter is to place its favorite food inside. When hunger strikes, the pooch is definitely going to head inside and won’t even notice, when you close the door. You can also put in some chew-toys when it’s time for a nap. Eventually, your loyal pup will understand that this is a place which is exclusively his own.

Pros and Cons of a Plastic Dog Crate

Just like every other thing; a plastic dog crate too has its share of advantages and disadvantages as well, which are summed up below:


  • Lightweight, portable and feasible for traveling
  • Harder for your pet to escape as it is securely lockable
  • More sheltered, hence better insulation during cold weather
  • The top part can be removed to transform the crate into an open-dog bed


  • Cannot be folded flat unlike wired cages
  • Plastic material can hold in foul odors
  • Less visibility may stress some pets
  • Better suited for travel only
  • Not very durable

Final Woof

In a nutshell, plastic dog crates are one of the best options to serve as a den for your beloved pet. Using them is significantly essential for the well-being of both, dog owners and their adorable pooch. Although, the tool has its fair share of pros and cons, but you can’t miss the overall relaxation it promises to bring. Get your doggy this cozy shelter and keep your belongings free from any destructive behavior by the friendly animal. It’s a win-win scenario!

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