Petmate Aspen Home-Training Wire Dog Kennel Review

It is quite a common saying that dogs are man’s best friend. So, would you not like your best friend to have utmost comfort? Well, to make the friendly canine feel at ease without causing havoc around your house, why not get a dog crate and build a home for him within your own home? Isn’t it a great idea?

Dog crates provide a den like space to your pet where it can laze around, sit straight and lay flat. It can even help them in potty training and in preventing bad behaviors, such as excessive barking and chewing on unwanted stuff, including furniture or clothes. You can use the Petmate home-training wire dog kennel to confine the pooch for a limited period of time, while doing some important work or on the arrival of esteemed guests.

Petmate puts in pure efforts to manufacture durable dog crates in order to cater to the basic needs of dogs, which in turn lead to the contentment of dog owner. In short, the company ensures to put forward safe den like space to make your pet comfortable and to prevent any unwanted nuisance caused by him, while roaming freely everywhere day and night.

8 Total Score
Petmate Home-Training Wire Dog Kennel Rating

  • This crate is foldable, compact and light-weight, making it easy to store and convenient to carry around, while traveling or moving around the town to the pet hospital
  • A detachable plastic tray is placed at the bottom for easy cleaning and preventing any kind of mess on your house floor
  • It is equipped with durable metal wire for an increased lifeline, making it a long-lasting investment
  • Its walls are see-through, allowing you to keep an eye on your pet’s activities on and off, while doing your work
  • This model is designed to let your doggie feel comfortable and relaxed inside, providing your pet an ample space to sit, lay, stand and turn around easily
  • Setting up this cage is as simple as ABC, you don’t require any special tools or help to do the task because you can set it up by your own
  • The detachable plastic tray is not durable and can distort by high temperature
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

Petmate Aspen Dog Crates come in 4 different sizes.


The mentioned product promises to provide comfort and safety to your loyal pet. Do you know what are its other features and uses? If no, then worry not! The list below depicts all beneficial attributes of this phenomenal wire dog kennel. Keep reading


This dog crate is manufactured from heavy-gauge metal wire and has a black rust-resistant finish, which makes it ultra durable and fit for being used anywhere, indoor as well as outdoor. The wire like see-through structure allows proper visibility and ventilation, while the smooth plastic floor provides your pet with a comfy resting area.


Do you often find your pooch curled up under the table or resting on its back against the walls of your house? Well, that’s probably because he has no personal area of its own to dwell in so he is trying to make himself comfortable in narrow spaces. Basically, these creatures need a den like shelter where they can feel protected and at ease without being hushed away, while they rest or play. Buying this kennel can favor you in similar situation because it provides a huge spot measuring 30 inches x 21 inches x 24 inches, which is spacious enough to let the dog stand up without having to hunch, lie down with its legs outstretched, and turn around easily.

Easy to Set Up

Are you a grown up and pacing around in the tension of assembling such a durable crate on your own? It’s the time to end your worries as this dog kennel is so easy to set up that even a pre-teen can handle it without any additional tools. All it takes is, a few minutes plus a little bit of effort and that’s about it. The cage is all set to welcome in your furry buddy.

Safe and Secure

The door of this dog crate is secured with excellent slide bolt latches, making it a safe den. Its zigzag safety clasps ensure that the door does not unhook when the pooch jumps up against it. Overall, the wire crate is totally safe and secure for leaving your beloved pet inside when you go out for some work or intend to toilet train your doggie.

Easy to Maintain

This is quite easy to maintain crate as the metal cage structure can be wiped clean and the removable plastic pan can be slid out from the bottom, without opening the door, for being washed with mild soap and water. This way, after every litter, your dog can be provided with a clean environment once again.


This kennel is convenient for you and your doggie as well in every aspect. The divider included in the crate comes handy during housebreaking and generally training your canine. It also allows you to make the crate size smaller if you own a puppy or a small breed dog. The best thing is that you can utilize the crate as a tool to establish good behavior in your pet dog so that both of you can get benefited. Ease of storage and portability is another cherry on the cake.

Final Woof

The dog home seems to have a slight drawback in terms of its leak proof pan, which is somewhat fragile and should be kept away from direct sunlight in the fear of getting distorted by the heat. Other than this, the pan is great as it can easily be slid in and out for cleaning purposes. The detachable handle makes carrying the crate simple, while the foldable design also aids in easy storage. So, on an ending note, it can be said that although this sturdy metal dog kennel may not look very attractive somewhere in the corner of your living room, but it can always be hidden under a pretty sheet of cloth for allowing your canine buddy to enjoy its bedroom like space under the cover. After all, the comfort of your beloved doggy should be taken care of first, no?

Petmate Aspen Dog Crates come in 4 different sizes.

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