OxGord Paws & Pals Double-Door Folding Metal Wire Dog Crate Review

Dogs are absolutely lovable creatures, aren’t they? Are you the proud owner of such a friendly animal, and on the lookout for a secure resting place for it? How about getting your furry buddy a dog house where it can relax comfortably? If you like this idea, then consider buying the Paws & Pals double-door folding metal dog crate by OxGord. Not only will it serve as a cozy home within your home for the pet, but will also act as a tool for housetraining it.

Being in the market since long now; OxGord has excelled over the years in manufacturing sturdy dog crates. This particular model is one of the finest options crafted under this brand name.


Before buying any product, it is crucial to learn more about its key benefits and features. You would never want to end up buying a dog crate that isn’t the right one for your canine. Would you? Scroll down to read more about this dog den in detail and strengthen your purchasing decision.

Crate Design

This is a sturdy metal cage with a wired structure, which provides ample visibility and ventilation to your pet when it’s inside. It has 2 doors that allow you to place food and water inside it. Secondly, these doors are also used by the pet to enter and exit the crate.

Foldable and assembled

This model comes fully assembled so you don’t have to put in extra efforts to set it up. Moreover, it features a collapsible design as well as a detachable carrying handle, making it space-saving.


The metal crate is constructed from heavy-duty solid steel and premium quality commercial grade materials. The steel wire, used to create the welded pattern of tight mesh, has a high-tensile strength which makes the cage long-lasting and totally secure. Moreover, it has been covered with black electro-coat that helps to protect the dog house from scratches as well as rust and corrosion.

Safe and Secure

If you love your pet, you would naturally want to buy it a kennel that is comfortable as well as safe. This metal dog house can serve this very purpose as it comes with a slide bolt latch to secure both doors easily. Furthermore, the edges of the cage are rounded in order to protect your canine from getting injured accidentally, when inside.

Easy to Set Up

As the crate comes assembled, setting it up is a super easy task as it doesn’t require any extra tools and professional help for this purpose. All you require to do is to simply remove it from its package, and unfold it gradually to its full size. In case you still need some help, there is an installation guide provided within the box to assist you step by step.

Simple Maintenance

The dog-house is equipped with a lightweight, removable tray, which is made of durable ABS plastic. It acts as the floor of this cage, and can be easily slid out and back in for washing purposes. You don’t even have to open the door and risk your animal from escaping. It is 100% washable so don’t worry about the material deteriorating with each scrub.


Your pooch is going to love this kennel as it provides plenty of room for the large-size animal to roll and flop around. It also features a divider panel that allows dog-owners to adjust the size of the living area inside the crate. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about buying a new crate after every few months, as you pet grows. Thus, buying this product can save your investment for years. This is a great advantage if you currently own a puppy.


Thanks to the space-saving design of this metal dog den, you can simply store it away from sight, when it’s not in use. Besides, you can collapse it and mount on the detachable handle to easily carry it with you during travels. Basically, now you don’t have to leave your furry friend alone at home while traveling.

8.2 Total Score
OxGord Paws & Pals Folding Dog Crate Ratings

  • It has a foldable design, making is easy to store and space-saving
  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • It comes preassembled
  • Easy to assemble and collapse without using any tool or expert help
  • Users’ guide is included within the package
  • Metal wired structure, which is polished to prevent rust and weather conditions
  • It has 2 doors that can be locked securely
  • Corners are rounded to prevent any mishap
  • Features a removable plastic tray for making cleaning tasks easy
  • Includes a divider panel for users’ convenience
  • Inexpensive
  • Too energetic pets may escape this crate easily
  • Poor lock system
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)

Final Woof

Overall, this metal structure is one of the best places for your dog to dwell in, when it needs some alone time. It also offers you a safe place for your pet when you need to run some important errands away from the canine, and can’t monitor it properly. The versatile design of this model aids in effortless assembly and storage, while a removable plastic tray at the bottom makes cleaning easy. Moreover, it is spacious and comes with a divider panel to adjust the size, as the pooch increases in length. Thus, it is a best choice for puppies. Being collapsible, it is also portable and travel-friendly. However, one issue that is yet to be addressed is the fact that despite being relatively strong; the crate is incapable enough to hold a wild pet in for a long duration. This is because it has a weak lock system, and wire structure is not quite sturdy either to prevent a mishap. For a decent canine, this is a great kennel and highly recommended.

OxGord Paws & Pals Double-Door Dog Crate Review Summary

OxGord Paws&Pals double-door dog crate is perfect for large doggos. It is built with sturdy material and has standard features like foldable, divider and removable plastic tray for easy cleaning. A good option in that price tag.

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