OxGord 42″ XXL, Double-Doors Folding Metal Dog Crate Review

Dog crates are considered as a must-have for successfully keeping a puppy disciplined. A perfect crate is the one that provides the best sanctuary for pets and also keeps them secure when you are not able to offer proper supervision.

You can use these kennels both inside and outside your home. It is the responsibility of the owner to select a spacious, comfortable and secure cage so that doggie can easily stand or sleep in it. If you want something similar to it, then OxGord Dog Crate, Double-Doors Folding Metal Newly Designed Model is definitely an ideal recommendation. It is wide, secure, durable, comfortable, affordable and what not. This cage is basically designed according to the needs of your beloved friend.

OxGord is a trustworthy manufacturer of dog houses and is well-known for providing quality products. This double-doors canine crate is a great choice for keeping your pup safe and comfy.


OxGord 42″ XXL dog cage entails several useful features, which makes it one of the best options among many other crates available in the market. Curious to know what special about it? Want to know how this crate is different from the rest? Well, you will get all your answers right here. Find them below.

ASPCA approved security and comfort

Safety of pet is the foremost priority of owners. Isn’t it? This is why, the cage is manufactured according to the recommendations of ASPCA so that your doggie can stay 100% secure inside. For those who are not aware of ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). It is an authorized corporation for animals’ well-being, safety and health.

Improved ventilation

It is a stain-resistant steel crate that permits optimum airflow, which ultimately decreases the accumulation of unbearable dogs’ odor. Unlike other plastic, multi-piece, bulky cages that only include air holes for aeration, this product offers maximum ventilation.

Easy clean up

Cleaning of pets’ crate is the most common problem faced by a majority of owners. However, buyers of this cage will not experience any difficulty in its washing and maintenance. It is because of the presence of a detectable plastic tray that eases the removal of dog discharge. This process is also essential for keeping your pooch sanitize and clean.

Suitable for every environment

This cage is made of black color electro-coat finish, which can keep your canine secure by preventing dangerous corrosion or rust buildup on the metal rods. Commercial-grade stuff is equipped in its manufacturing so that it can withstand all sorts of weather, like extreme cold or hot. Heavy-duty solid metal ‘steel’ is used in making this kennel. Thus, it offers maximum protection.

It is suggested not to keep this crate under direct sunlight because in this way, rods can get really hot and your pooch can get harmed. Therefore, it’s better to stay on a safe side.

Easy to Install

Its versatile design makes the installation much easier. The best thing about this crate is that, it doesn’t require a professional to assemble it. Moreover, no tools are required for its setup and it takes limited storage space.

Adjustable design

Its rounded corners and smooth finish ensure that both the owner and pooch do not suffer any abrasions or scratches from this kennel. Adjustable divider is available with this product for further convenience.

Accessible in multiple sizes

Keeping in view the importance of cage size, the manufacturer has offered this crate in 6 different sizes. For example, small size crates for breeds like Pugs and Chihuahuas, large-size kennels for breeds like Pit Bulls and Golden Retrievers and extra-large cages for English Mastiffs and Saint Bernards. These six sizes are as follows

  • 20*13*16 inches (small)
  • 24*17*19 inches (medium)
  • 30*18*20 inches (large)
  • 36*22*25 inches (X-large)
  • 42*27*30 inches (XX-large)
  • 48*29*32 inches (XXX-large)

The dog house should have sufficient space so that your pet can sit down or stand up comfortably. Width of the cage should also be wide enough so that pooch can turn around effortlessly. Follow this above-mentioned size chart and choose a perfect size that matches your requirements and your friend’s needs.


It provides easy and fast disassembly, assembly, storage and portability. This crate is designed in such a manner that users can fold and carry it anywhere like a briefcase. It is a one-piece canine and all of its edges are joined together with hinge that enables both, folding and unfolding. Pet owners can fold it up for travel or storage purpose. During folding, its detachable plastic tray neatly folds too, inside the kennel frame. A sturdy handle is also available on the top that will help you in carrying it.


8.5 Total Score
OxGord 42" XXL, Double-Doors Folding Metal Dog Crate Rating

  • Foldable
  • Highly portable
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy to clean up
  • 100% washable
  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Easy to carry like a gym bag or briefcase
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Simple to setup
  • Convenient and space saving
  • Light in weight
  • 360-degree view
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Metal used for frame manufacturing is not sturdy and can easily be broken down by smart pooches
  • Bottom hinge is unable to hold the front-facing door
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)

Final Woof

If you want to buy a portable and comfortable dog crate, then this product is best for you. Its multiple doors and adjustable design make it a perfect kennel for your doggie. Free split divider is also included within the package. A variety of options are available for dog owners with respect to crate size and dimensions. Moreover, 100% money-back guarantee is also offered by the manufacturers on its purchase. You do not have to worry about the hygiene of your pooch as a portable plastic tray is available with this cage. Stop worrying about the safety of your canine as this kennel has slide-bolt latch for each of the two doors. What else do you need?

In a nutshell, this crate is a perfect choice for your canine buddy and that to in a reasonable price.

OxGord 42 Inch XXL, Double-Doors Folding Metal Dog Cage Review Summary

OxGord XXL Dog Cage is dubbed as the most popular dog cage in 2017. It's strong, spacious and durable. Its built with superior quality material and is 100% washable due to Electro-coat finis which is rust & corrosion resistant.

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