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Just like us, humans, dogs also love to spend time outside the house where they can enjoy fresh air. However, most of the owners find it a bad idea because leaving the pet outdoor can be a great risk. Why? Because there are chances that your beloved pooch can get lost or sick, and no one would want that. Right? Fret not! Here is a good news for you all.

Outdoor kennel is a convenient solution in this kind of situation not just for the owner, but for the pet too. Not convinced yet? This guide will explain descriptively why you should buy a kennel for your doggie as soon as today. Read on and get acknowledged.

What is kennel?

Kennel is basically a den-like shelter for a cat or a dog where they can sleep, eat, relax and do anything they want. There are different kinds of kennels, some are meant to be indoors, and some are suitable for open-air environment. This outdoor feature differentiates the kennel from a regular dog house, which is designed for indoor housing solely, and usually no door is present. On the other hand, kennels also come with latches, enabling the dog to wander around, and explore the surroundings without getting lost. Moreover, dog crates are quite similar to kennels as well that are mostly used for training or transportation purposes. Therefore, kennels are also termed as crates.

Why Should You Buy an Outdoor Kennel?

As mentioned above, kennels are convenient for both, the owner and the pet. Curious to know how? Here are some of the reasons

  • It lets the dog enjoy the surrounding without getting lost
  • It can be used to train the dog, either for litter training or general house rules training
  • It serves as an escape for the pooch from monotony indoor life, and obviously from rowdy children, if you have any.
  • Owners don’t have to monitor their pets 24/7 because the kennel will take care of your doggie in your absence
  • Dogs can spend some me-time in the kennel, where they can feel comfortable, and do whatever they wish to

Now when you know exactly why a kennel is significant; let’s have a look at some of the aspects that you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

Size of Dog Kennel

Certainly, the most important aspect of any kennel is its size. Why? Because if it’s too small, your dog can feel uncomfortable/suffocated, and in case it’s too big; your pet will get spoiled. Every dog breed has different body structure and size. So, you need to buy a suitable kennel accordingly. Don’t forget to measure your pooch beforehand in order to prevent any inconvenience.

Typically, a crate should be wide enough to let your dog stand, sit, move, lay and stretch easily (without having to bend its head). If the kennel is too big for your pup, he will eventually use it for other purposes, like litter, etc.

If you own a puppy, who is in his growing stages, then it’s best to buy him a kennel with an additional divider panel. This way, you can adjust the size of the crate from time to time as your pooch grows. Using a crate divider is a long-term investment as you don’t have to buy a new den-like house for your pup every 2 months. Clearly a win-win situation.

Types of Outdoor kennels

Kennels come in several material and sizes with certain pros and cons, offering you a wide variety to make a selection that matches your pet’s needs the most. Some types of outdoor kennels are discussed below to give you a rough idea about the product. Have a look!

1. Welded wire kennels

This type of crates comes preassembled, or very little effort is required to put them together. A welded kennel has a gate with a latch so that the dog can’t escape the crate, and run after the squirrels in your absence. Moreover, it includes a trap roof to prevent the pooch from direct sun rays, and to keep him dry in rainy or snowy days. Its see-through walls ensure maximum visibility from outside as well as inside. All in all, wire kennels allow a dog to enjoy any weather without getting harm in any way. Certainly a great deal. What do you think?

2. Plastic kennels

As the name suggests, plastic kennels are made of high-quality plastic. It is the most popular kind of dog kennel that is used by a large number of pet owners. Plastic crates are lightweight and highly portable. In addition, they are economical in nature, and quite easy to maintain. Cleaning this kennel is also effortless. On a contrary, plastic crates have thick walls, and they are usually small in size. Some dogs may not like to stay in a closed place. So, choose wisely!

3. Exercise pens

Exercise pens are quite similar to wired kennels in terms of construction and material. However, they don’t have any roof, and are hexagonal in structure. These crates are foldable, enabling the owner to carry them around and assemble, wherever they want. As there is no roof present in exercise pen, big dogs may jump and escape easily. Moreover, direct sunlight or rain can affect the health of your pet.

Important points to consider before the assembly

Intentionally or unintentionally, no one would want to hurt their beloved pet in any way. Would you? Well, here are some quick tips for you to consider before setting a dog kennel in open-air.

  • If your pet has an aggressive or destruction nature, make sure that the material of the crate is strong enough to avoid any mishap. Secondly, its door should be secured with proper locks
  • Some dogs love to jump high. If your pooch is alike, it is ideal to get him a kennel with roof or at least the fence should be higher than usual
  • Outdoors mean direct interaction with weather, especially sunlight. For your pet’s well being, ensure that the crate is not installed directly under the sun as it can cause heat burns and other health issues. Secondly, material of the kennel should be suitable for sun rays because you would never want it to get heat up and burn your doggie.
  • The area where you are planning to assemble the kennel should be well-thought beforehand. Many dogs love to dig when bored or angry, which can create a lot of mess in the crate, and obviously will destruct your yard. However, caging your pooch on concrete in not a good idea either as he can get ill of cold, and may feel uncomfortable overall. Observe the nature of your doggie and then choose a suitable place.

How to Make The Dog Comfortable Inside the Kennel?

Unlike cats, dog needs owner’s attention 24/7, but practically, that’s not possible. Initially, your pet may get annoyed or angry and feel itself trapped; however, keep in mind that it’s for his own good. Patience is the key!

Here are some essential tips to make a dog comfortable inside the crate

  1. Add a comfortable bedding. It’s best to use the same bed that is used indoors by the dog because it will have his scent, and he will feel at home
  2. Leave his favorite toys inside so he doesn’t feel lonely or bored
  3. Make sure to place water bowl inside the crate because playing, running and above all, the sunlight may leave your pet dehydrated and thirsty
  4. Place his favorite food in the corner of the cage in order to encourage him to stay in
  5. Outdoor kennels are wide as compare to traditional dog houses. In fact, you can also accompany your pet in the crate, and make him feel good.
  6. This way, he will start feeling that the place is not bad, and it’s not a punishment
  7. Initially, stay around the kennel so that the dog feels secure and safe in your presence
  8. Start it by locking the dog for a while, and then increase the span gradually. Don’t leave your dog caged for a whole day all of a sudden because it will make him depressed

Final Woof About Outdoor Dog Kennels

Kennels are a lifesaver for all the dog owners on this planet. Don’t you agree? This is why, a lot of brands have manufactured different types of crates, varying in material, structure and price. It is also a fact that not all the dogs are same in terms of behavior. Therefore, it’s an owner’s responsibility to observe the pet carefully, and do some homework before the final purchasing decision.

Your pets deserve the best in everything, so buy them the best kennel for the best experience in best price!

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