New World Dog Crate Review

Who doesn’t love a furry dog trotting along their side or just being playful on a good day? I am sure you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here looking for the perfect dog house for your loyal pet. Well, you definitely need to get a solid dog crate, if you intend to keep your canine happy in its own private place, and simultaneously carry on with your day-to-day activities without having the playful fellow tagging behind. If you are here in search of recommendations, then New World Dog Crate is all you need in your life. It is durable, secure, comfortable, reliable and cost-effective. What else do you need?

New World makes sure that it provides its customers with the perfect dog crates, each one promising to serve as a brilliant tool for helping in potty training as well as behavior training. This way, you can create a safe and clean space for your dog to dwell in whenever required.


Scroll down to learn more about the numerous appealing features of this dog crate. It’s a bet that once you are done with exploring the benefits of this kennel, you will surely feel that the New World dog crate is a must buy. Not convinced? Read below


This is a single door dog crate, which is constructed with durable metal wire. Its cage-like design enables ample ventilation for your pet and at the same time provides you with the ability to keep an eye on your beloved. Moreover, the large swing-open door of the crate has a low threshold thus, permitting ease of entry and exit for the pooch.


Just like you would love a huge personal area to call your own, your doggy wouldn’t mind having one too. Measuring 36 inches in length, 23 inches in width and 25 inches in height, the New World crate provides a spacious area for your pet to live comfortably. This dog kennel will prove to be a wonderful pet home within your own home, where it can comfortably eat, play, sleep and repeat. Moreover, it is essential for toilet training as well. All in all, this cage is ideal for dogs that weigh around 41 pounds to 70 pounds.

Easy to Set Up

There is no need to panic about setting up the large and sturdy metal structure of this model. Even though the crate may seem difficult to assemble, but it is actually a piece of cake to do so. Yes, you read that right. No professional help or extra tools are needed while putting its components together because this task is so simple that you can do it on your own in just a few minutes.

Safe and Secure

You can trust this dog crate to offer your beloved pooch a reliable environment, while you are away for work or some important commitments. The cage is totally safe as it is secured with two easy to operate slide bolt latches, which keep the door locked in place until you wish to unlock. All you need to do is, just lock the canine inside the crate for the amount of time you need to spend away and come back to unlock it with your own secure hands. That’s about it!

Easy to Maintain

A high-quality plastic pan is included with this great dog home, that is leak proof. This pan is supposed to be placed at the bottom of the cage. The main purpose of this tray is to avoid any kind of mess on the floor and to make cleaning easy. It can be washed thoroughly with soap and water to give your doggie a fresh environment to reside in. Hygiene and cleanliness of both, your home and pet’s home, can therefore be maintained in a simple manner.


What feature do you need the most in a dog crate other than a quick and simple assemblage? Although, this model is quite large in size but once set up, it is great for travel because it can be folded flat for easy portability. The folding option also facilitates convenient storage, when not in use. Keeping the crate clean is a not a difficult task either. It is an ideal choice even in terms of safety due to its slide bolt latches, which make locking and unlocking a matter of mere seconds. All in all, owning this crate will make your life easier and hassle-free.

7.5 Total Score
New World Dog Crate Rating

  • The most important feature of this crate is its wide structure, that is spacious enough for any large breed doggie or cat so that they can sit straight, lay flat, move around and feel overall comfortable
  • It is equipped with high-quality material for an increased durability, making it a long-term investment
  • This cage is available in a reasonable price that is affordable for a majority
  • It is quite easy to set up this crate efficiently without any special tools or professional help
  • This model ensures maximum safety of your beloved by offering an innovative lock system with bolt latches
  • Cleaning of this crate is as easy as ABC because of a detachable tray present at the bottom, which is washable and is designed to prevent any kind of mess in your home and inside the cage
  • The detachable tray is made of low quality plastic
User Rating: 4 (1 votes)

Final Woof

After reading the phenomenal features of this dog crate, it must be much easier for you to finalize the buying decision by now. The crate includes all the qualities that are essential for providing a safe and convenient den to your pet. However, the leak proof pan is a little tacky and should be kept away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight in order to prevent distortion. Contrary to this, its benefits are huge because your lovable canine can enjoy an adequately sized secure portion of its own because of the wide structure of this cage. This easy to assemble dog crate gives you and your dog the perk of enjoying your respective private time. In a nutshell, From proper ventilation to visibility and safety to the convenience of being folded for storage or travel purpose, it has everything!

New World Dog Crate Review Summary

If you are looking for a cheap dog cage, then this is your best bet. New World Crates dog cage comes in different sizes and available with single or double door. Although some customers finds it to be a little light for big dogs, however for small to medium dogs, it is a perfect fit.

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