Midwest iCrate 48 Inches Large Dogs Crate Review

Being friendly creatures, dogs are one of the most preferred pets around the globe. Dog lovers understand that keeping a pet is a big responsibility. The biggest concern of owners is usually the thought of how to give their buddy a comfortable environment without causing disturbance in their private life. Can you relate to this statement? If yes, then it’s the time to end your worry. Getting a dog crate will definitely turn out to be a good decision in a long run, no matter what the age or size of your pooch is. The Midwest iCrate folding metal dog crate is a sturdy option to consider in this regard. Cages are designed to offer a secured area to the animal of its own where it can play, sleep, eat and do just whatever it wants, without wrecking havoc around your home.

This specific model by Midwest is durable, fordable, easy to assemble, secure and safe. The most prominent thing about this crate is its low and affordable price. What else do you need?


Do you wish to learn more interesting things about this phenomenal metal dog crate, before buying it for your beloved? Come feast your eyes on some of its most noticeable features listed below. Each feature is bound to strengthen your decision of investing in this product for the well-being of your canine as soon as possible. Here you go!


Appearing as a wire cage, this dog crate is actually made from durable metal and has a foldable design, which facilitates convenient storage. In addition to this, the crate also includes a movable divider panel which allows the user to adjust the size of dog den, once set up. In short, if you purchase this crate for a little puppy, then you will be able to adjust its size easily, as your pup grows.

Easy to Set Up

You can confidently vouch for this product being great as it does not need any additional help to set up. Who knows, you may even feel a sense of pride assembling the metal crate all by yourself for your beloved pet. Yes, you got that right! no professional help or difficult tools are required for assembling this dog house or adjusting its size.

Simple Maintenance

The dog crate comes with a plastic leak proof pan, which is to be placed at the bottom, after being set up, in order to protect floors from getting filthy. Therefore, whenever you feel that there is a need to clean up the pan, just slide it out and wash it up, that’s about it. Your buddy too can thrive in a hygienic space this way. Folding the dog house can be done in mere seconds and plastic handles enable better portability. It even comes with rubber roller feet at the bottom, which means the floor of your house will stay free from any scratch marks.


Would you like it if you are made to adjust yourself in a corner that is too small for you? I bet not. Similarly, your pet needs a good space of its own as well to move, laze around, eat, play, and feel happy. This metal dog crate provides an area measuring 48 inches x 30 inches x 33 inches, when opened full-sized. This can be adjusted accordingly into a smaller space if you have a small-sized dog or puppy, thanks to the additional divider included within the package. It weighs approximately 40 pounds and is easy to travel with, when folded.

Safe and Secure

There is no reason to believe that the dog crate is not a safe option for your canine buddy. This model consists of a single door for entry and exit and two slide bolt latches that securely lock the metal door in place. Your dog can only be let out when you unlatch the door yourself. Furthermore, the corners of the crate are rounded so getting hurt is out of the question.


The crate is easy to assemble, simple to wash, and light enough to be carried around. What else do you need for making a dog crate convenient for both, yourself and your lovely pet? In addition to this, there are the benefits of an adjustable size and flat folding design that further make this crate a perfect choice. Don’t forget that being foldable, the dog crate is a portable product and has a strong carrying handle that enables it to be carried suitcase style.

8.5 Total Score
ProSelect Easy Dog Crate Rating

  • Easy to assemble, no tool or professional help required
  • Removable and washable tray to prevent any kind of mess inside the crate and outside on the floor
  • Available with a divider, which allows the user to adjust the cage size as per requirement
  • It is wide enough for a large-sized dog. In fact, a puppy can also get benefitted from it because of the divider
  • Travel-friendly option
  • It offers complete security to your pet due to two slide bolt laches on opening
  • Equipped with durable metal for an increased life span
  • Its removable is quite flimsy
  • Some corners of this cage are sharp
User Rating: 4 (1 votes)

Final Woof

In a nutshell, it will not be wrong to say that this particular dog crate is one of the finest products to purchase. If you are considering getting a den like space for your doggie, which is safe, spacious, and easy to assemble, then this model is certainly a great consideration. This foldable dog cage has versatile features with minor drawbacks. For example, few of its units have sharp edges and the removable plastic pan is quite flimsy. However, these cons do not outweigh the up sides of buying it. After all, why would you let go of the decision of purchasing a convenient foldable crate for your canine friend just because of few disadvantages? No matter, if you want to set it up inside your home or want to take it along on a long trip, this cage will not disappoint you in any situation. Get your hands on it before it’s too late.

Midwest iCrate 48 Inches Large Dogs Crate Review Summary

A perfect dog crate for large dogs with options for double or single door and a divider. The iCrate series by MidWest Homes for Pets is durable and safe for your beloved pet.

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    annie November 23, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    This crate is good and suits to my puppy. I would like to know the price of the same and other terms for purchase.

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