Large Dog Crates – Best Large Dog Cages Reviews & Guide 2019

Every dog, big or small, needs a cage. Why? Well, because the loyal animal has a right to have a place where it can curl up, relax and do whatsoever it wishes to. Dogs tend to harbor a natural desire to sleep in a den; so by buying your pet a cage you will be providing it with a safe and cozy den-like space to reside in comfortably. Besides, you can also take advantage of the cage to confine your furry buddy inside, when you have some quick errands to run outdoors.

What Dogs Are Considered as Large Dog – Finding Large Dog Crate Dimensions

Majorly there are two factors that can classified whether a dog is large or not. These are weight and size. Although there are breeds that are known for larger dogs like Retrievers or Shepherds but other dogs, like a fully grown Kerry Blue Terrier, would be much more comfortable in a large dog crate as compare to a medium size crate. Infact, more room is always better for a comfort & safety of your beloved doggo. Now when you exactly know which type of crate is good to go; check out our recommended crates and guide about other important things to consider while buying a den-like home for your beloved friend. Keep reading!

Usually large crate starts from 42 inches and goes upto 54 inches in length. The height and width of a large crate would be around 28 – 34 inches

Best Large Dog Crates 2019

A large dog cage should be equal to or larger than 42 inches. Although there are several factors like crate material (discussed below) or features, however these will eventually comes down to personnel preference.

Following are the best crates for large dogs that makes to our list of top 2018 large dog cages.


MidWest 42″ iCrate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate (Model 1542DDU)

Midwest iCrate is a reputable name when it comes to dog cages. There are several models with various features like divider or double door to chose from. Overall Midwest iCrates are famous for their durable build quality and convenience. They can be easily built without any tools and are foldable for easy portability. A great feature that we like in Midwest crates are the rounded corners. They ensure the pet safety while moving in or out of the cage.

Another useful feature are dividers. Usually a 42 inch crate is too large for a puppy. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy a small crate first and then later on buy another crate when your puppy grow into a large dog. Dividers helps you to determine the appropriate size of the cage for a puppy and later for a grown up dog.

Create Features: Size: 42L x 30W x 28H inches Material: Metal Features: Divider Panel, Plastic Tray, Foldable


  • Durable & sturdy built
  • Foldable for easy portability
  • Easily cleanable
  • Double doors
  • Divider panel
  • Removable tray


  • Space sonsuming
  • Locks can be better
  • Stronger dogs can bend bars if they want to



Petmate 2-Door Wired Large Dog Crate

Petmate is another great company that has earned some positive reputation among pets community. This Petmate training retreat dog kennel is a prime example of comfort and durability. The crate comes with rust proof black coating, a divider and the patented 5-Point door lock system offering easy and secure door operations. The patented door system is basically designed in a way that there are no gaps between the door and the crate, thus increasing the strength of the door.

The crate also comes with a removeable polypropylene pan which is easy to clean. Another feature we liked in this Petmate dog kennel is the carry-handle on top of the crate enabling you to easily relocate crate. The crate is foldable and lightweight making in perfectly portable. All in all, a very good choice for large dog breeds like Husky, Lab or Golden retrievers weighing up to 90 – 125lbs.

Create Features: Size: 48L x 30W x 32H inches Material: Metal Wired Features: Rust Proof, Divider Panel, Removable Pan, Foldable, Secure Door Lock System


    • Durable
    • Portable
    • Washable
    • 2 doors
    • Divider panel & Removable Pan
    • Secure Patented Door Lock System


  • Raised letters on the tray
  • Since its a large dog crate, it requires space
  • Some poeple may find latches on the door difficult to open & close



ProSelect Extra Large Easy Dog Crate

If you have a large dog breed like great dane, Greyhounds, Mastiffs etc then this is the perfect cage for your pet. It features a dual latches door for maximum door security. Contrary to what many people believes, pets are quite intelligent and observant. Usually after a couple of weeks they understand the routine task and that’s how they learn how to open the crate door. The dual latches door makes it harder for them to unlock the door.

Like other crates, it has all the regular features such as removeable and easy to cleam tray, divider etc. Its foldable thus making it storage and travel friendly. This crate is quite affordable and in essence a perfect choice due to easy cleaning, moving and storage.

Create Features: Size: 48L x 30W x 33H inches Material: Metal Features: Removeable Divider, Removable Tray, Foldable, Dual Latches Door Lock


  • Durable & Affordable
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Dual doors
  • Divider panel & Removable Plastic Tray
  • Dual Latch Door Lock


  • Need more space as it is extra large



Things to Consider When Buying a Large Dog Cage

Simply buying any dog cage is not enough. There are a number of other factors that have to be considered prior to your purchase. Here is a detailed discussion of those factors. Have a look

You need to be sure about the size of the crate before buying it. Would you feel good to see that your dog isn’t able to stand up and stretch its leg in the kennel? I bet, you won’t. And what if there is too much free space in the cage and your doggie is using it to do its business? Well, both situations aren’t ideal at all. So, what should be done? Simply measure your pet properly in order to get the perfect fit. A large dog cage should be bigger than 40 inches.

You wouldn’t like a large cage set up in the corner of your house even when it’s in use. Would you? So, don’t forget to check if the crate, you intend to buy, is foldable for easy storage. This will provide good portability as well, if you wish to shift it from one place to another regularly.

Make sure that whichever type of large dog crate you buy, is safe and can securely contain your beloved pooch inside. It should have proper locks so that your pet doesn’t escape, when you are away. If it’s a metal cage, you have to see that there aren’t any sharp edges that could harm the canine, when it’s inside.


Types of Cages You Can Buy For Your Large-size Pooch

There are a number of dog cages introduced into the market these days, varying in shapes, design, material, pros and cons. You can select a prefect size as per your requirements, from heavy-duty metal cages to soft-sided crates, plastic ones and even fashion crates are also there for those customers who are interested in buying fancy cages for their beloved friend. Do you wish to know more about these crates? Well, let’s have a close look at each of them.

Wire Cage
These types of cages are the most common ones. They come with a standard single door, and an exception of multiple doors for greater access in some models. Moreover, they are easy to clean, and perfect for hot climates as ample ventilation can be fostered. The best thing is that, your pets won’t feel isolated in these crates because they can see whatever is going around them though the metal bars. In addition, some models are foldable, and come with a divider panel to adjust cage size.

Soft-Sided Cage
Usually made from nylon; this type of crates doesn’t really look like a cage in appearance. Therefore, they are a good choice for crate-averse dog owners. Being lightweight, they are highly portable and easily foldable. As the interior is soft and flexible, soft-sided cages are considered as most comfortable crates for dogs as compared with the others. Also, they are effortless to assemble and dissemble.

Plastic Cage
These cages are light in weight, and are more sheltered in order to provide better insulation during cold-weather conditions. They can also be used as an open dog bed, or you can carry them along in air travels as well. Most models come with a removable tray to make cleaning easy. The best part is that, it is more difficult for your naughty pet to escape from this one, all thanks to the durable construction and lock system of plastic cages.

Stylish Cage
Are you not comfortable with the thought of a cage placed in a corner of your well-decorated living room? Well, a stylish wooden or rattan cage is what you should buy! These can blend perfectly with your existing furniture, and can even serve as a usable surface, such as a shelf or table. It’s definitely a win-win option for you and your pet.

Pros and Cons of a Large Dog Cage

Large cages can serve as a great kennel for your furry buddy, especially if you own a breed like Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Dalmatian or Poodle. However, they have their share of advantages and disadvantages as well. Here are a few pros and cons of dog crates, which can either strengthen or hinder your purchasing decision.


  • Provides a comfortable personal space for dogs
  • Helps in restricting movement during a medical emergency
  • Gives the canine a sense of security
  • Allows you to work on other things without worrying about your pet’s safety
  • Available in different materials
  • Some crates are travel-friendly


  • Mostly large crates are bulky and space-consuming
  • A bit Costly


Final Woof

All in all, a large crate is a perfect home for your bulky doggie within your home. You can choose from different types of crates prevailing in the market, depending on how destructive your dog is, and as per your personal choice in terms of style fit for your house. Mostly, cages for large dogs are bulky and huge. However, you may find portable and foldable models as well. So, what are you waiting for? After reading this detailed guide, you must be well-aware of your needs by now! Go and buy an ideal crate for your large-size pooch

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