Snuggie for Dogs – Benefits of Dog Snuggies

It is true that dog blankets have been used for many years, but now there is something even better to keep your dog warm and secure. Made with ultra soft fleece, the Snuggie for Dogs is a blanket with sleeves that is easy for you to put on them and even easier for them to wear. Dog sweaters can be a hassle to get on your pet, which is why the dog Snuggie is becoming so popular.

We are going to go over a little history of the Snuggie for Dogs as well as give you some information on the different sizes of dog Snuggies that are available. If you still haven’t made up your mind, we have a list of the reasons you should buy this product for your pet. Finally, we have a look at things to consider when buying a dog blanket online. Keep reading to learn why the Snuggie sensation has been redesigned with dogs in mind!

About Snuggie for Dogs

You may already be familiar with the Snuggie, which swept the nation a while ago. What you might not know is that there is now a dog Snuggie available! A product was created that would be easy for dogs to get on while keeping them extra warm and comfortable all year long. Today, the dog Snuggie is becoming almost as popular as the original blanket with sleeves. When you take a look at one, it is easy to see why this is the case.

Types of Dog Snuggies

Dog snuggies come in all shapes and sizes, the two main features you want to concern yourself with are sizing and temperature. A dog snuggie that is too small will restrict your pet’s motion, possibly even causing chafing or rashes, while one that is too large has the potential to fall off, or even worse, entangle your dog. Likewise, a snuggie that is too warm or too cold for the appropriate temperature can cause a litany of health problems. Nobody wants a frozen fido or a heat-induced stroke so choose your dog snuggie wisely. Some people even buy multiple dog coats for their best friends, as they have found this best allows them to properly outfit their little buddies.

Here is a quick rundown of the basic sizes that are available. As you can see, there is something for every size of dog out there – Poodle small to Labrador large.

  • Extra Small – For dogs 6 to 9 inches and under 10 pounds, this is the smallest Dog Snuggie available.
  • Small – A little larger, this dog blanket will fit animals 8 to 11 inches who weigh 8 to 12 pounds.
  • Medium – Made for dogs 12 to 16 inches high and weighing 11 to 18 pounds, the medium Dog Snuggie is a perfect fit.
  • Large – For dogs over 16 inches who weigh more than 17 pounds, there is a Snuggie for Dogs that is the perfect size.

As you can see, there is a dog blanket available for all types of dogs. And now that you can get a blanket with sleeves, it is even easier for your pet to stay warm while feeling safe and secure thanks to the blanket.

Reasons to get a Dog Snuggie

If you really love your dog, here are some things you should think about when deciding whether or not a Snuggie for Dogs is right for your pet.

  • Easy to Use – Unlike sweaters and shirts for dogs, the dog Snuggie has been specially designed to be easy to put on and take off while keeping your dog warm and comfy. Also, this dog blanket is machine washable, which is very important.
  • Affordable – In addition to being super simple to get on your dog, the Snuggie for Dogs is very affordable. In fact, you can get two Snuggies for your dog for a super low price, even when you add in shipping and handling.
  • Comforting – Made with super soft fleece, the Snuggie for Dogs is very comfortable for your dog no matter their size. From keeping them extra warm to giving them a feeling of security because of the pressure of the blanket on their skin, there are a lot of ways the Snuggie for Dogs can help your pet.

A blanket with sleeves for your dog is now a reality! If you care about your dog and they truly are your best friend, you really need to consider getting them one of these cute dog blankets with sleeves. Whether you have a Snuggie for yourself or not, if you have a dog you need to really think about getting them a dog Snuggie. While they are cute and adorable for sure, the important thing is that they can help keep your pet warm and comfortable while not constricting them.

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