Top Online Stores For Buying Dog Crates (2019 Edition)

Going to a store and expecting to find everything there sounds like a once-in-a-blue-moon thing, especially when it is for your beloved dog. In this article, we’ve featured the top four e-stores to visit when you’re on a hunt for the perfect dog crate for your beloved doggo, or other pet, so that you can easily order by sitting back at home while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

Factors to Look for When Buying Dog Crates

Before we list down the stores, in order to make it further easier for you, we will first discuss the factors you should consider before making the final purchase. Following is the list of features that you should look into when buying a dog crate

  • Cost – it is the most important factor because crates come with different price tags. So you should set your budget before sorting out the models.
  • Material – Cages are of different types, and each kind has its own pros and cons. You can choose from Plastic, metal or wood.
  • Size – Dog crates come in all sizes. In order to make sure your dog fits inside the crate, it’s very important to measure the height and width of your dog first, while it’s standing on its four limbs. The crate, you invest in, should be bigger than the size of your dog so that it has sufficient space. It is best to invest in a bigger dog crate, especially if your dog is small and growing.
  • Type of Crate – Wire, plastic, soft-sided or style crate. Wire crates are the most commonly used ones, whereas the plastic ones are ideal for traveling purposes.

Dog Crates at Amazon

If you’re living in the US or any other part of the world with access to the internet, which I’m sure you do, you must have visited Amazon’s webpage every now and then to shop or discover what’s new in the market.

Company History

Previously called, ‘Cadabra Inc.’ Amazon is currently the world’s largest online shopping store founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Inspired by the Amazon River as well as the dictionary term which means ‘different and exotic’; Amazon was the first ever online store to operate, and is the fourth largest public company in the world currently. Based in Seattle, Amazon serves in 15 different countries today.

Initially, it started as an online bookstore, which later progressed to other domains with time. And now you can find everything, from electronics to clothes to your dog’s crates here at Amazon. Along with boosting businesses, it also has provided employment to 300,000 Americans and other people worldwide.

Advantages of Buying Dog Crate from Amazon

  • Largest Pet Accessories Section – from dog food to dog collar and dog crates; it’s a dog lover’s heaven. Just type in whatever you are looking for your pooch, and you will find it there.
  • Ease of Shopping – Simply sit back, scroll through the website and place an order. Especially if you are someone who has strict job hours, you only have to take out 15 minutes and your desired product will get delivered at your doorstep.
  • User-friendly Interface – Even if you are first time visiting Amazon, you will notice how easy it is to access. You can quickly type in the type of crate you’re looking for, plastic or metal as well as the brand name, to narrow down your search.
  • Vast Variety and Options – It caters to your need in every way, whether you are bounded by a tight budget, have to buy a premium quality crate, or on a hunt for a dog crate with special features; Amazon has it all.
  • Comprehensive Item Description – From the dimensions to the quality to the size of the dog crate, you will find all details on the web page.
  • Customer Reviews – A lot of times firms don’t deliver what they publicize about their products on their website. So, it is hard to know if you are making the right purchase or simply being fooled online. In order to help you select the right product and further help others if you’ve been fooled by a seller; Amazon offers everyone who has purchased the product to later review and rate the product. The reviews are then posted on the product page with every item description.
  • Trusted Online Store – Amazon has been on the market for a very long time. Millions of people around the globe have purchased goods from Amazon and continue to do so. Unlike other online websites, you can safely say it’s not a fraud. Its strict security policy further protects its customers from cyber theft.
  • Refunds – Offers a refund in case you receive a damaged product or the product doesn’t get delivered.
  • Largest Network – Operates in 15 different countries in their native languages
  • Quick Delivery Service – delivers the product right to your doorstep at the right time it claims to.
  • Prime Membership – Pay $10 a month and become an Amazon member to enjoy quick and free delivery along with amazing discount offers.
  • Awesome Discounts – With every season, especially Christmas, Amazon offers amazing discounts and offer.
  • Free Shipping – Amazon offers free shipping on majority of the products after a certain amount i.e. usually $25.

Downsides of Buying Dog Crate From Amazon

  • Biased Reviews – Few companies hire people to write fake reviews in favor of their products or against their competitors, which can be extremely misleading. So, don’t rely on all reviews. That’s where DoggoCrate can help you as we did all the research to ensure that you get the best products.
  • For some crates, you may have to pay shipping charges depending on your location.
  • You need a credit card for transactions

Dog Crates at Walmart

What started off as a small retail store in 1950 by Sam Walton flourished so much in the years to come that it took over the world and became the world’s largest discount retail store. “Saving people money so they can live better” has been the lifelong goal of Walmart, and has been the reason behind the success of this gigantic store. The 10 rules of running a successful business by Sam Walton were the reasons behind Walmart becoming the “global leader” are still included in business textbooks, as is applied in businesses.

Even today, Walmart offers the most affordable prices and exceptional customer service. Apart from having several stores in the US, it has expanded to Japan, Canada, India as well as few African countries in the past few years.

Why Walmart Is A Good Choice for Buying Dog Crate?

  • Separate Section Allocated to Dogs – no need of strolling through the whole store because a simple walk in the dogs’ section and you will find everything you are looking for.
  • See the Product Before Buying – The best thing about the Walmart store compared to an e-store is that, the dog crate will be available right in front of your eyes. You don’t have to worry about receiving a plastic dog crate when you ordered a metal once. Plus, you can also visually compare the dimensions of the crate relative to your dog size.
  • Discounted Rates – I’ve already mentioned how Walmart caters to the needs of people, from both lower and middle class. You will find the most affordable rates here at Walmart.
  • Customer Friendly – Takes great care of their customers, whatever queries and concerns you may have; the team takes it into greater consideration.
  • Easily Accessible – the best thing about Wal-Mart Stores is how widespread they are, you don’t have to worry about making a long drive just to reach a store. The stores are located in almost every corner of the country
  • E-store as well as Brick & Mortar Store – Walmart, it has an online store too now so you can sit back at home and order from their online store.
  • Special Offers on Occasions – be it Christmas or Thanksgiving or Black Friday Sales, you can enjoy amazing sale offers.
  • No credit card needed – if you’re purchasing through the brick & mortar store, you can simply offer cash.

Why Walmart Is Not For Buying Dog Cages?

  • Pets are not Allowed – Apart from service animals, Walmart doesn’t allow your pets to tag along. So you can’t take your dog with you when buying the perfect dog crate for it.
  • It’s Huge – Sometimes it’s hard to find the product you are looking for because the stores are so gigantic.
  • Long Ques – On a busy day, long checkout lines and long hours of waiting. But hey! You can always buy a desired product online
  • Higher Prices – Prices are a bit higher than Amazon.
  • No Customer Reviews – If you are purchasing from a local store or even from Walmart site, there is either no or very few reviews from customers. This means you have to take a risk with your purchase.
  • Quality Issues – Since Walmart focus is on “price”, there are times when that negatively interpenetrated to low quality.

Dog Crates at Petco

Founded in 1965, Petco is a private company solely dealing with veterinary supplies and products. Initially, Petco used to sell its supplies by publicizing it in magazine or newspapers and deliver them through the mail. With time, Petco has progressed to a full-fledged company. It has more than 1500 stores throughout the US as well as an online store.

It also encourages and offers pets for people looking forward to pet adoption with its “Think Adoption First” policy.

Pros of Purchasing Dog Crates From Petco

  • Deals specifically with veterinary products
  • Offers a free, expert opinion on your dog’s health and training – If you visited Petco’s webpage, there is a separate section on the community. You can post your pet’s problems there as well as write 500 words issue your pet is facing which is further submitted to an expert Vet available. The vet advises you how to deal with the issue.
  • Guides you on crates suitable for your dog – The employees and staff at Petco are supposed to help you select the best dog crates or products for your dog.
  • Pets are welcomed inside the store – You can bring your dog with you and select the ideal crate whichever one your dog is most comfortable with.

Cons of Purchasing Dog Crates from Petco

  • High Prices – compared to Amazon & Wal-Mart, Petco’s prices are a little towards the higher side since it’s a pet store, not a discount store.
  • Shipping Charges – If you’re ordering online, you have to deal with shipping charges, depending on the product.
  • Delivery Service is Inconsistent – With time, Petco’s service has deteriorated severely. A lot of customers have reported not receiving their products on time.
  • Bad Customer Support – There are several complaints of Petco employee behaviour with customers.
  • No Discounts or Deals – Petco doesn’t offer huge discounts like Amazon. Even Walmart offers good discounts on occasions like Christmas. Petco claims to reduce prices but the discount is very marginal.
  • Limited variety of pets accesories

Dog Crates at PetSmart

Just like Petco, PetSmart also deals specifically with veterinary services and products. It not only operates in the US, but in Canada and Puerto Rico as well. Previously named as PetFood Warehouse, it was founded in 1986 in Phoenix with the aim of helping stray dogs and cats in finding their home. With time, PetSmart has expanded and opened a secure hotel for people looking for a place to leave their pets while they are away, officially known as the “PetsHotel”. It offers everything what a 5-star hotel normally offers from spa to fun activities, specifically for your pets. You can also find the perfect dog crates here at PetSmart.

Why you should Buy Dog Crate from PetSmart:

  • Pet-oriented company with well-versed staff – whatever queries you have regarding the dog crates and its quality, the staff will help you decide the perfect crate well-suited to your house as well as the dog itself.
  • Welcomes pets inside – the best thing about PetSmart, they love pets. You can take your dog with you and let it decide which dog crate it is most comfortable with.
  • Offers healthcare services for pets – It also has a separate pharmacy for pets.
  • Contributes a percentage of revenue generated from their sales for the welfare of pets
  • Premium pet supplies – They have the most premium quality products available. Be it your dog’s food or your dog’s crate.

Downside of Buying Dog Crates From PetSmart

  • Mostly preferred & recommended for buying dog food only.
  • Very Expensive – compared to other discounted stores, PetSmart’s products are expensive. People with only higher incomes can afford PetSmart.
  • Shipping Charges – if you order from their online store.
  • Previously reported to have an inconsistent quality of products.
  • Charity offer only applied on dog food
  • Limited variety of pets accessories.

Final Woof

Buying dog crates is not an easy task, especially if you have tons of options available in the market. However, investing in a right one can be a source of relief for the dog owners, and this crate buying guide is all about that.

These above-mentioned stores offer you the luxury of buying online through their websites as well. Each store has its own worth, significance, pros and cons, but Amazon is the most trusted and reliable of all. It has more variety of dog cages and you can find much more under a roof, from cosmetics to house décor and what not. Make a wise purchasing decision and happy shopping!

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