Are Dog Crates Good for Your Pet?

Majority of the people reject to kennel-train or crate their pooches because they believe confining a dog in a cage is cruel or inhumane. Do you believe likewise? Well, to your surprise it is not true at all. In fact, these crates give safety and security to your pet along with comfort. It is also crucial to provide proper kennel training beforehand so that your doggie may not become a threat for others.

In the beginning, you may find it a bit difficult to make your pet comfortable in the crate. However, once you have successfully achieved the goal, it will ultimately ease up your life. Do you know using dog cages for appropriate periods of time can benefit you in so many ways? For example, training, avoiding destructive behaviors, litter training, restricting movement and educating a canine to relax or settle. Didn’t know before? There are so many other advantages of owning a dog kennel. Curious to know what are those? Just keep reading!!


Benefits of owning dog crates

Using a crate has certain advantages for both, the owner and dog. Initially, a kennel may appear a little unkind or unpleasant due to its cage-like structure, but it can be very beneficial in pooch training and so many other reasons. If you want a comfy and secure personal space for your dog, then crates are best to use. The most common benefits of kennels are given listed below, check them out

  1. Offer security and safety

No matter whether your kennel is at house or with you on a vocation, it will always provide a safe place to your puppy. It is best to keep a dog crate with you, especially when you are travelling a long distance or want to spend some days at a far-off place. Sometimes, it is not possible for you to give proper attention to your canine, but that’s okay and quite normal. Under such situation, pooch cages offer 100% security due to their double locking system. Moreover, crates also keep your doggie away from threatening substances. For example, some puppies are in a habit of chewing objects and they may swallow poisonous or dangerous substances, if left alone without any supervision. So, why to take risk when you can leave them in cages? Protected and secured.

  1. Assist in potty training

A dog crate is also helpful in the toilet training of your pup. These pet animals are born with natural characteristic of keeping their dens away from urine and feces. Initially, try to keep your animals in the cage for short durations so that they can learn bowel and bladder control by holding their business, when they are inside. Pets will instantly need to go into the toilet when you will remove them from the crate. Ultimately, this will assist you in their potty training and they will soon learn to keep their cages clean.

A properly sized kennel can encourage your doggie not to muddle the place, where he stands or sleeps. Moreover, puppy also learns to control his discharge, in case of emergency situations. In this way, pet owners can get a huge benefit of litter training. If you are bothered about your canine’s poor toilet routine, then get him a crate As Soon As Possible!

  1. Provide a calm retreat

Like human beings, dogs also need a calm retreat. All you require is to keep their kennel in a peaceful location in your home and leave its entrance open most of the time. Such environment will provide soothing feeling to your canine and soon he will become habitual to this ambiance. If you will represent this cage as a comfortable bed to your pup, then he will search for his crate whenever he is tired, afraid or stressed. It will act like his own personal space, where your beloved friend can do anything he wishes to.

  1. Travel-friendly

All dogs do not like travelling in SUVs. Carrying your pooch along with you in a car can be dangerous too. So, what should be done? Well,  to keep your dog relaxed and calm while you are driving, it is suggested to carry a foldable crate with you. Nowadays, a bunch of manufacturers have introduced highly portable kennels that can easily be folded down into a briefcase or handbag. Owners of pets can also take these cages when they are traveling in an airplane. In this way, you can provide a safer and comfortable environment to your puppy anywhere.

Make sure to buy a spacious crate for dog so that he can smoothly stand up, move, or sleep inside it. These days, divider panels are also available with kennels that can be extended as your canine grows. Unlike pet carriers, these cages are preferred because they allow the owner to monitor their canine on and off due to its see-through walls, either metal, wired or plastic.

  1. Give comfort during injury or sickness

If your dog is injured or sick, then a kennel may sooth and calm him as it is considered a comfortable place for your pet to reside in during distress. A pooch may not understand that particular actions can increase his pain during sickness or injury and by keeping your dog in a secure cage you can protect him against a severe accident by restricting his movements. In turn, canine owners will also feel relieved when their wounded or sick dog will be kept in a risk-free surrounding, all protected, comfortable and secured.

Final Woof

Always select a right sized dog cage otherwise you will not be above to experience above-mentioned benefits. Choosing a big size crate will make your doggie assume that it’s okay to do his “business” inside it because there will be enough room for that. Try to purchase a cage that is large-enough for your pup to turn around, lie down, sleep, and stand up. Nowadays, a divider is also provided with wire crates that can be used for decreasing or increasing its size, as per your choice. No doubt, there are many benefits of using kennels but do not keep your pups inside for longer periods. The time spent by your puppies inside these cages must be limited otherwise they will become anxious or depress and you would never want that, right?

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  1. Not training to a kennel is what is cruel: here are some reasons why:

    1)Dogs and pups that are unused to being in a crate will likely be extra-anxious when having to be in one at other places, like a boarder, groomer, airplane or a hospital.
    2) When your dog is injured or sick, and must stay at the vet hospital, the last thing your pet needs is even more stress!
    3) Also, if YOU have to go to hospital, say following a sudden accident, your uninjured pet would be kennelled by first responders at least until a family member or friend can get there to take him, and if pet was injured also the vet will surely kennel.
    4)Finding a 24 hour/day pet sitter in an emergency might be easier if the dog can be kennelled part of the time at someone else’s home, and your pet will be less anxious if he has his own little “home away from home.”
    5)Your designated family member who says he will keep your pet might just be on vacation or in hospital when you have an accident or emergency.
    6) Pups do not know not to chew that dropcord, eat the rope toy or sofa pillow stuffing, eat that lost shirt button, eat that pack of hershey kisses with candy wrappers your kid (or your designated-sitter’s kid!) hid under his bed.
    7) Not kennelling often leads to kennelling at the vet, but only if the pup survives long enough to get to the vet. How cruel to expect a puppy to know what is safe.

    Face it, your dog WILL be kennelled, for at least a while, sooner or later. If pet is used to a kennel, it will be much easier on your pet!

    “Huh, They closed the kennel door!” is less stressful than “What is this, where am I? Can I chew/dig out of it? Orooo broke my tooth! I’m mad! Gonna run away or bite when that human that put me here comes back.”

    So get one for your pet’s sake, even if you don’t wanna close the door at your house!

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