Compare Dog Crates – Find The Best Dog Cage For Your Good Boy

Finding the perfect dog crate isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to consider a couple of factors like available space, dog size, usage etc. At DoggoCrate, we strive to make that as easy as possible for you. After several days of research and reading hundreds of actual consumers reports, issues and suggestions, we have shortlisted the best dog crates available in the market. Following is the list of top dog cages with their important features like size, number of doors etc. You can compare them according to their features and find the perfect one for your doggo. To get crate suggestion according to the dog breed or size, you can go here: Dog Crates Recommendations as per Dog Breed

NameBrandMaterialDoorsFoldableSize (inches)DividerTrayConsumer Ratings
 2-in-1 Pet Crate & GateMerryWoodSingleNo32.5L x 23.5W x 22.5HNoYes - Removable
 Ginormus Heavy Duty CrateMidWest Homes for PetsMetalDoubleNo54L x 37W x 45HNoYes - Removable
 Heavy Duty Dog CageSmithBuilt CratesMetalDoubleNo36L x 24W x 29HNoYes
 Paws & Pals XXL Dog Crate OxGordMetalDoubleYes42L x 27W x 30HYesYes - Removable
 Life Stages Dog CrateMidWest Homes for PetsMetalDoubleYes42L x 28W x 31HYesYes - Removable
 Two-Door Great Dog CratePrecision PetMetalDoubleYes42L x 28W x 30HYesYes - Removable
 iCrate Dog CrateMidWest Homes for PetsMetalDoubleYes42L x 30W x 28HYesYes - Removable
 ProSelect Easy Pet CratesProselectMetalSingleYes48L x 30W x 33HYesYes - Removable
 Midwest iCrate Large Dogs CrateMidWest Homes for PetsMetalDoubleYes48L x 30W x 33HYesYes - Removable
 Folding Metal Dog CrateNew World CratesMetalDoubleYes36L x 23W x 25HNoYes - Removable
 Aspen Dog Kennel PetmateMetalSingleYes36L x 24W x 27HNoYes - Removable
 Carlson Secure Dog Crate Carlson Pet ProductsMetalSingleYes48L x 30W x 33HNoYes - Removable
 Small Metal Dog CrateOxGordMetalSingleYes30L x 18W x 20HNoYes - Removable
 Petco Classic Dog CratePetcoMetalSingleYes30L x 23W x 25HNoYes - Removable
 Paws & Pals Large Dog CrateOxGordMetalDoubleYes48L x 29W x 32HYesYes - Removable
 Petco Premium Dog CratePetcoMetalDoubleYes42L x 28W x 30HNoYes - Removable
 BestPet Wire Dog CrateBestPetMetalDoubleYes48L x 30W x 33HNoYes - Removable

Important Info:

Dog Weight vs Dog Height:

Some dogs are small in height yet they have more weight like American Pittbul Terrier. They are usually 18 – 22 inches tall but can weight upto 50 pounds. When buying a cage for them, instead of going for small crate, get a medium crates as small crates might not be able to hold such dog.