Carlson Secure Single Door Metal Dog Crate Review

Dogs are known as the loyal companions of humans that stand by their side through thick and thin. Those, who own a pet canine, can surely relate to this statement. From cleaning to grooming and providing food to involvement in physical activities, keeping a dog is a big responsibility itself that demands owners’ time, attention and some space.

Although, an owner and pet relationship knows no boundaries, yet it is essential to set some rules for the pooch. What if your dog starts salivating over your important files just before you are going to have a meeting at your place? Embarrassing, no? What should be done in this kind of situation, when locking your pet in a room can result in destruction? Well, if you are also stuck and confused, then here is a good news for you! Single Door Metal Dog Crate is a safe, secure, portable, and spacious answer to your problem. With an easy assemblage, this crate is a must-buy for all the dog owners. It is spacious enough to let your pet sit and sleep inside without making it offensive or angry. So, you can now easily lock your dog in the cage and do work without any sort of interruption. Isn’t it great?

Carlson is a well-reputed brand that is popular for producing the dog care collection by keeping precision and the comfort of dogs as a first priority. This compact and secure crate has maintained the repute of its manufacturers by ensuring comfort along with security for both, you and your pet.


Pets are just like a family member for owners. That’s why, they need the best for them, don’t you? This crate by Carlson is a great consideration for your beloved, find out “how” by skimming through its phenomenal features.


The Carlson Secure and Compact Metal Dog Crate provides ease to your dog with its simple and sophisticated design. It is a decent model that bears a single door for entry and exit. Moreover, its strong yet see-through walls allow the owner to monitor their canine, while doing other stuff.
Besides this, cage also includes a black-colored composite pan, which is washable and removable, making it easy to clean. This feature assists in maintaining the hygiene of your pet and is also helpful in training the dog into a disciplined life.


Investing your pounds in a non durable product makes it a worthless purchase and ultimately, leaves you in regrets, isn’t it? Well, the case with Carlson Metal Dog Crate is totally different. It is equipped with a full steel body, making it highly durable and securing your investment.

Spacious enough for even large hound

This cage from the renowned brand, Carlson, is particularly designed for the larger breeds of dog. It is an ideal choice for even a big canine of 120 pounds. When assembled, the cage is 48 inches in length, 30 inches of width, and 33 inches in height. These dimensions are enough to offer a wide space to your pooch for sitting, laying and standing with ease.

Safety and security concerns

Is there anything that you want for your beloved pet more than a secure and safe area? I bet you don’t! If so, then nothing can favor you more than this crate with a single door but double locking system. It is design to ease your concerns and lift the burden from your shoulders.

Easy to set up

Why would you need a special team with hammer and other tools to set up the crate when you can do it by your own? With its easy assemblage, you will get the structure standing within a few minutes, without any help of a professional. Furthermore, the set up does not require any tools or external accessories. Both, assembling and disassembling of this product are quick and easy, which ultimately favor while travelling as well.

Travel-friendly Option

Dogs are the best companions for owners and leaving them behind while travelling is definitely heart wrenching. With this crate by your side, there is nothing to worry about because no trip will remain incomplete without your loyal friend.

The good news is that, travelling is quite easy with this Carlson crate due to its portable and compact design. You can fold it flat and carry it for a vacation with your pooch. Moreover, the cage is suitable for both, indoors and outdoors use. Hence, if you are on a trip that involves keeping your pet secure in an open area, then what can relief you more than this cage with a double locking system?

Since it is easy to assemble, setting up the crate is also not a hectic or time-consuming task. You can set up your dog’s private space and lock it in place, then and there. With it’s easy to store and portable features, it is known as an ideal consideration for travelling.

8 Total Score
Carlson Secure Single Door Metal Dog Crate Rating

  • This dog crate is suitable for both outdoors and indoors usage
  • It is a great aid in training dogs
  • A special, separate private space for your large dog with plenty of room to sit, lay and stand
  • Durability makes it worth purchasing
  • The steel used for making of this crate is tough to destruct
  • It also features double locks to keep your pet secure and safe
  • Easy to set up, easy to store, and easy to travel
  • The cage is not very sturdy
  • The door has to be lifted up until it meets the latch
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)

Final Woof

The bottom line is that, this Compact Crate from Carlson packs all the essential features that you would be looking for, while selecting a cage for your best friend. For one, this crate comes from a reliable and well-reputed brand. Secondly, it is not only secure and comfortable for all kinds of dog breeds, but is also durable and long-lasting. Finally, this Carlson’s crate aims to make you life easier with its travel-friendly design, easy storage, and simple assemblage that is quick and does not require any special tools or professional help.

Your pets deserve security, care, space and comfort, don’t they? Get them all by buying this secure, spacious and comfortable cage.

Carlson Secure Single Door Metal Dog Crate Review Summary

With its durable all steel construction, Carlson Dog Cage is one of the best dog crate you can have under $100. It has double locking system and its foldable so you can carry it while traveling. It is available in 4 sizes.

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