Can Dog Eat Black Pepper? Can Your Dog Eat Black Pepper?

Dogs are considered to be man’s loyal friend. It is commonly said that dogs are loyal pets. Many pet keeper invest lots of love, care and kindness to take care of their dogs. Many people think that which kinds of foods are beneficial for their dogs and which are not? Many times, you might have given thought to whether black pepper is safe for them or not?

Sometimes, we enjoy having spicy foods in our meals. We love several seasoning and spices to add up to our food. Some of us love to share our meals with our pets. We add black pepper commonly. So, it is important to address this issue that is black pepper safe for dogs or not? Feeding our pets is like feeding our babies so, it is essential to take great care while feeding them.

Before feeding our dogs, many questions hit our minds like can my dog eat this or that? What will happen if he eats food having spices specifically black pepper? Is it safe for their health or not?

In order to give an idea of what black pepper is and is it safe for dogs, let’s discuss this issue in detail.

What is Black Pepper?

Black pepper is the dried black berries of the pepper that is used as whole spice or grounded to make a powder of the spice. Black pepper stimulates digestion, enables weight loss, relieves cough and cold, deals with depression, improves skin, increases metabolism and prevents cancer. Hence, it is a great choice when you want spicing up your food.

Considering the above mentioned benefits, the question is whether black pepper is safe for the dogs or not? Very simple and straightforward answer to this question is : YES but, in very small amount. If you are thinking to feed your dog with a food that includes black pepper as the main spice, the answer is : NO because a large amount of black pepper is dangerous for the little fellow.

Why You Should Worry When You Decide To Feed Your Dog With Black Pepper?

Adding too much black pepper is harmful for dogs and human beings as well. When you need spicy food, you may add different seasonings and spices but, using black pepper in large amounts is unhealthy. This causes several health problems in pets also.

Leads to burning sensation in stomach:
Taking a large amount of black pepper in the diet creates several health risks. The base of black pepper is hot. It is indeed a smart choice to use a very small amount of black pepper in our foods. If we add a large amount of black pepper in our foods and feed our dogs as well, this will cause great burning sensation in the stomach. This burning sensation sometimes leads to irritation in the intestinal track. Dogs cannot speak what they feel. But, common sense tells us that excessive use of black pepper causes such problem in our stomach then, how will our dog feel? It is a smart choice to avoid using black pepper most often.

Causes hemorrhoids:
Hemorrhoid is a swelling of veins in the lower region of anus and rectum. The intake of black pepper in excessive amount can create irritation of rectal or colonic mucosa that leads to hemorrhoids. The same condition appears in dogs. Dogs need great care and kindness so, it is important to limit the use of black pepper while cooking food.

Leads to many respiratory problems:
Black pepper is harmful even when it is only smelt. Many of us sprinkles ground black pepper on the edible things that the dog loves to eat in order to prevent those things. Smelling black pepper leads to serious respiratory problems if they inhale excessively. This inhalation can lead to deprivation of oxygen and consequently leads to hypoxia. It is important to avoid using black pepper in excessive amounts as this respiratory track problem can ultimately cause death of the little fellow.

Causes diarrhea:
When black pepper is ingested in larger amount, it leads to diarrhea in both humans and dogs. Black pepper causes irritation in digestive tract and ultimately leads to diarrhea. That’s why; using larger amount of black pepper is harmful as it leads to serious health problems. So, it is a smart choice to stay on a safe side.

Causes bronchitis:
Bronchitis occurs when bronchial tubes get infected and swollen. Bronchial tubes are passage that allows the air to pass through your lungs. Ingesting large amount of black pepper can generate symptoms of bronchitis. So, before feeding your dogs with black pepper, it is important to consider this alarming fact.

Are There Any Type Of Spices, My Dog Can Eat?

Yes, there are some spices that are safe for your dong for example: basil, ginger, parsley, turmeric, cinnamon are safe. The intake of spices containing capsaicin content should be avoided as it cause vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal irritation, etc. Ingestion of spices containing capsaicin content such as paprika, bell pepper, etc can lead to serious intestinal issues. The intake of such spices in larger amount should be avoided

Final Woof

Dogs are very loyal to their owners and their lives are not as much longer as ours, so it is important to take special care of these little loyal friends. Always keep in mind that the dogs can eat anything, you keep in front of them therefore, keeping an eye on their meals is essential. There is a huge difference between taking black pepper in large amount and too much amount. The high amount of black pepper can lead to serious health problems for your dog. That’s why, it is important to avoid any such risk and stay on the safe side.

Keep in mind that dogs cannot speak up their minds, so it is very important to take massive care of such little loyal fellows.

  1. But of course, our furry family members love good flavours as much as we do. Because of that, many a conscientious dog owner might wonder – can dogs eat black pepper?

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