BestPet Wire Dog Crate with Metal Pan Review

Dogs are one of those loyal friends who stands by your side through thick and thin. This is why, a majority of animal lovers keep them in their homes. However, keeping a pet is a big responsibility that requires both, your time and attention. Sometimes, it’s hard for the owners to keep their dogs confined to a particular area in the presence of guests, while doing some important tasks or during a medical emergency. Dog crates are ideal for this purpose!

Wire dog cages are usually preferred by dog owners to house train their pets, and offer a space that is safe for them to stay inside, when alone or tired. These are especially advantageous for canines that have a messy habit of chewing on things, or that are tended to be inseparable from their masters. Are you an owner of such a pooch? Do you want to get it the best wire crate available? If yes, then the BestPet wire cage with metal pan can be just the right product for you!

BestPet is a well-recognized brand for crafting premium quality pet supplies in an affordable price. The most purchased among these are its versatile dog crates, which are available in different designs and sizes.


Since there are a large number of dog crates available in the market, choosing the right one can be a tedious task. This particular wire crate is bound to provide you excellent value for money. Not convinced yet? Well, you need to read on to learn how buying this cage can benefit you in a long run.

Versatile design

The manufacturers have designed this crate to make sure that a canine’s separation anxiety from its owner is reduced. This is why, it is built with the purpose to ensure maximum visibility from the metal bars. It boasts two doors, one in front and one at the side, which makes it easier for your pet to enter and exit.

Durable and attractive

The durability of the metal den can be credited to its all-steel construction. Secondly, high-grade material is used in its making. In addition to this, the crate also flaunts an electro-coat finish, which provides it with resistance against rust and corrosion as well as scratch marks. This in turn, leads to a longer product life, and makes the crate appealing too.

Safe and Secure

This model is definitely one of the securest options among all dog crates prevailing in the market. It comes with a two-latch slide bolt lock system on the doors, which gives you easy access to your pet. It also prevents a pooch from escaping, even if it is the keenest escapist. Furthermore, the edges of the cage are rounded with carbon steel wire to avoid accidental injuries.

Quick and effortless set up

Another great thing about this dog crate is that it arrives fully assembled, thus saving users from long setup procedures. It unfolds to its full size without difficulty in just a matter of seconds and that too without the need of special tools or an extra helping hand.

Easily washable

It is crucial to take special care of a pet’s hygiene. Therefore, it is necessary to keep his personal place clean and tidy at all times. The good news is that, washing this kennel is very simple! It is equipped with a removable tray at the bottom, which you can easily slide out to free it of any mess and germs.

Sufficient living space

Dogs have the natural instinct to feel safe in a den, thus getting your pet this dog crate can bestow it with the a decent level of comfort. This cage has been designed with this same thought in mind. Besides, when you buy the correct size, you will also be able to potty train your puppy easily, apart from providing it with a private space to lie down, nap or play when it’s on its own.

Effortless reassembling promotes portability

One of the best attributes of this kennel is its ability to fold down with unrivaled ease, making it stand out as an impressive option in the dog crate market. Because of its easy-to-assemble feature, this model is a very portable product as well. Which means that whenever you need to go on trips or places where you wish to take your pooch along; you can now do so by carrying it in its cozy den.

8 Total Score
BestPet Metal Wire Dog Crate Rating

  • Easy to set up without any tool and professional help
  • Sturdy structure that is equipped with high-quality steel
  • Polished with electro-coating to prevent rust, weather conditions and scratches
  • Corners and ends are rounded to avoid any mishap or accident
  • Easy to clean up, all thanks to its removable tray
  • Well-suited for housetraining a dog
  • Travel-friendly, portable and space-efficient
  • Inexpensive as compare to many crates in its class
  • Doors are secured with latches to ensure maximum safety
  • Divider panel is not included within the package so users need to buy it separately
User Rating: 2.62 (13 votes)

Final Woof

In a nutshell, this dog cage can be described as being a strong, spacious and totally affordable option to house train your pet or just accommodate it safely inside during times when you can’t continuously watch over it. This cage comes in a collapsible design, which makes it easy to assemble and facilitates portability. You may find a few weak spots around the hinges of the 2-door crate, which may enable a clever dog to escape out. So, it is better to reinforce the hooks with twisted wire to enhance security. Overall, this is a tool which delivers great value for money. When are you bringing this safe haven home?

BestPet Wire Dog Crate with Metal Pan Review Summary

BestPet metal wire dog crate is available in 3 different sizes. The crates are durable and foldable which means easy storage and portability. All crates have dual doors for better movement.

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    Valerie S. Kneppel April 13, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    I can’t find a replacement pan for the BestPets 36″ wire crate. Can you help???

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    bamunson December 6, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    I purchased a BestPet Pet on Amazon
    Dog Crate Kennel Pet Cage for Large Medium Dogs Travel Metal Double-Door Folding Indoor Outdoor Puppy Playpen with Divider and Handle Plastic Tray,48 42 36 30 24 inches

    I lost the instructions to put it together. How do i get a set of instructions???


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