Puppy Training Pads: Finding The Right One For Your Pooch

The most challenging part of owning a dog is housetraining it. After all, who likes a pee puddle in the corner of their living room, or dog poop lying on the carpet? Gross! You need to exercise a lot of patience while potty training your dog, and look for products that may help you in the process. Puppy pads are the most feasible option in this case. Basically, these pads are essential, if you intend to coach your canine buddy to do its business in a specific area indoors, and then your doggie will gradually learn to relieve itself even outside your living area.

Since there are various brands prevailing in the market and dog owners, especially new ones, may face a tough time in selecting the right puppy pee pads for the beloved canine. Here is a list of things you should consider prior to your purchase in order to bring home the most suitable puppy training pad. Read on!

Type of training pads to prefer

Disposable and washable are the two categories of puppy pads available in the market. Each has its own set of pros and cons so you should choose according to your budget, convenience and the time you intend to invest in training your furry buddy. Your choice may also vary depending on your wish, whether you want your pet to get used to relief itself indoors, or eventually transition to eliminate outside.

Analyzing the absorbency

It is highly important to check the absorbency of the puppy training pad, you are considering to buy. Would the purpose of getting a pad be fulfilled if the product tears or leaks, spilling out your dog’s smelly waste? Definitely No!! So, go for the one which is made from good-quality materials, with each layer crafted well. The training puppy pee pads should not only be able to absorb the waste quickly, but also have the capability to hold it all in, keeping the space clean and dry.

Checking for the right size

A dog may need to be potty trained regardless of its size. It doesn’t matter if you own a small puppy or a grown up canine, they will both need to be housetrained at some point of their lives in order to ensure proper hygiene. So, it is crucial to look for the right size when buying a puppy training pad. If you overlook this aspect of the purchase; your pock may litter outside the pad in case it is too small for her, or may end up mistaking an extra-large training pad for a play mat. This will, in turn, result in prolonging the potty training process.

Minimization of smell

It would be a good idea to go for a dog training pad that can help in reducing the smell of dog waste. You wouldn’t want to roam around your house with an inevitable stink in the air. Would you? And what if you have some guests coming over? Embarrassing! No? Although this is a great feature, but still few pads are able to deliver it. If odor is a big issue for you; keep looking for such pads, or you may have to rethink your decision of making your furry buddy eliminate inside the house.

Ability to stay fixed in place

What good is a training pad if it can’t stay fixed in the corner you have designated for your pet to eliminate waste? You wouldn’t want a dirty pad to come in your way when you are passing by. Would you? What if your dog steps on its waste and then leaves stains on your newly mopped floor? That’s definitely a big no! So, make sure the puppy training pad you purchase doesn’t move around as your pup gets on or off it.

Puppy Training Pads – Best 2019 Puppy Pads Reviews & Guide

Like any other change, pets take their time to adjust to different stuff. Same is the case with dog training pads. Puppy pads becomes absolutely important if you live in a high rise building or your dog dont have readily access to a yard outside. These pads help your dog to have a permanent peeing spot as well as helps you keep your house clean and smell free.

Training pads purpose is to help puppies learn where to relieve themselves. These pads act as a designated area for puppies for their “puppy needs” whenever they want. But to make them uses these pads, the training pads should be comfortable for the dogs & puppies. Most of the pads uses some sort of scent that naturally attracts dogs to them when they need to relieve themselves.

These pads also comes handy when you have to leave your dog at house for longer periods of time, for example when you are at your job. They are highly absorbent so they remain dry after several hours and even lots of peeing.

Following are the best puppy training pads for your dog to help them do their private business with comfort whilst keeping your life a little bit less messier without all those stains and smell.

Top Dog Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pads – Quality With Affordability

Equipped with extra quick-dry black carbon technology, these dog training pads are a perfect choice for hassle-free and effective puppy training. They are really large in size and absorbs 5 times better than other puppy pads in the market.

These pads are built with 5 layers with each focused on specific functions like absorbing or turning liquid into gel. Another great thing about these pads is their odor elimination technology which means no smelly house or rooms. They are black in color and comes in 40 & 80 packs with two sizes. The Gigantic size is 30 by 26 inches whereas the normal large size is 23 by 22 inches.

They are leak proof and comfortable for the puppies so that they prefer these pads for their peeing business. All in all, they are perfect for both keeping your floors clean & without any pee stains and for your puppy comfort.


  • No scent or smell
  • Large sizes
  • Comfortable for puppies
  • Really good absorbent
  • Leak proof

Final Thoughts About Top Dog Deluxe Puppy and Dog Training Pads

Top Dog deluxe puppy pads offers best absorbing and odor elimination features with affordable price. You will get 40 extra large pads in just $40 and each pad can be used for 2-3 days. They are black colored and keeps your puppy mess discrete. They have built in pheromone attraction feature which automatically makes the puppy use them for its needs.



CareOutfit Reusable & Washable Puppy Pads – Large & Extra Absoprbent Dog Trainging Pads

These washable puppy pads by CareOutfit are the best reusbale puppy pads. They comes in 4 pads packs with each pad measures 24 by 36 inches and having a different color. They are a perfect for up to 36 inches dog crates.

These pads are made in USA and have an extremely high soaking capacity which is up to 7 oz. According to manufacturer, each pad can be re-used up to 300 washes. These are not smell resistent but you can put a little vinegar while washing them in the machine and they will smell just fine.

Only issues is the light color of these pads which inevitable leaves stain marks after several uses. Beside this, they are a good bargain in the price.


  • Washable & Reusable -saves you money
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Very durable
  • Each pad can be used up to 300 washes. Which means 1200 washes on total.
  • Made in USA

Final Thoughts About CareOutfit Washable Puppy Pads

Careoutfit washable puppy pads are best if you want to save some money on puppy training pads. They have high soaking capability and each pad can be used upto 300 washes. They are made in USA so the quality is exceptional and trusted. All in all, a great product with high affordability and all necessary features.



Thxpet Super Absorbent Puppy Pads – Leak-proof Dog Pee Training Pads

Thxpet puppy pads are another great choice when it comes to dog training pads. Each pad has 5 layers that gaurantees no wet floor or stain marks. The are super absorbent and each pad can hold upto 5 cups of liquid. This means that 1 pad is enought for 2 to 3 days.

They have built-in attractant that basically attracts puppies to these pads when they need to releive themselves. Also these puppy pads has odor control tech which eleimantes all smell.

These puppy training pads are comfortable and can be used anywhere like cars or in dog cage. For puppies they are perfect however for dogs they are a bit small.

Each pack contains 120 pads and each pad measures 17.5 by 23.5 inches.


  • Super absorbent
  • Leak proof
  • Odor control – No smell in room
  • Each pad can be use for 2 days, depending on the usage by puppy.
  • Trusted pet brand

Final Thoughts About Thxpet Super Absorbent Puppy Padss

With a perfect size, Thxpet Puppy Pads are one of our top picks for the dog training pads. They are super absorbent and leak-proof with built-in attractant and odor control features. The price is just right at $22 for 120 counts. These pads can hold up to 5 cups of liquid which means 1 pad per day. A great deal in great price.



All-Absorb Puppy Training Pads – Cheapest Dog Training Pads

All-Absorb pads are best for very young puppies. They are ok in size and comparatively cheaper than lots of other dog training pads. They come in 100 or 200 counts packs. The basic 100 counts packs cost only $20 and the 200 counts pack costs just $30, making it a real bargain.

They have good abosrbent quality and does really well with eleminating smell odor and perfect for those moments when you dont want to take your dogs outside, like in a cold weather, for their needs.

If your puppy is one of those pee-happy things, then you might face some issues with these pads. They are thinner and sometimes the urine sppots spread on a large area on these pads. This causes some dog to not use them again which means you have to change the pad after 1 use only. However if your puppy is uirinating normally then they will do just fine.

The best way to use them is with some tray or a plastic crate under them as they are quit thin


  • Super Cheap
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Leak Proof
  • Odor Control

Final Thoughts About All-Absorb Puppy Training Pad

All-Absorb training pads are the cheapest puppy pads in the market. The best part, they are as good as any other dog pad. They are super absorbent with quick drying surface which ensure no leaks or wet floor beneath the pads. With 200 pads in just $30, All-Absorb puppy Pads is one of our top choice.



IRIS Neat ‘n Dry Premium Pet Training Pads – Extra Large Puppy Pads

IRIS USA, Inc. is a renowned pet brand in USA and their puppy training pads are prove them to be the best. IRIS dog training pads are ideal for both dogs left in house for lionger internaval of times or ailing dogs.

These pads features a 5-layer quilted protection which gives ultra absorbency without any leak and thus prevents messes and splatter in your room or house. They also have odor control feature.

These puppy pads measures 23.5-inches by 35.5-inches which is large enough for big dogs(or cats) too. They come in 10, 20, 50 & 80 counts packs.

The only downside of these pads is they are a bit expensive.


  • Highly Absorbent
  • Leak Proof
  • Odor Control
  • Good thickness
  • Made in USA

Final Thoughts About IRIS Neat ‘n Dry Premium Pet Training Pads

There is a saying that quality comes at a price and IRIS dog training pads is the best example. These puppy pads are one of the finest out there with ultra absorbent quilted top layer to prevent tracking. These pads have odor control and they can absorb up to a quart of liquid. A bit pricey but definitely worth the price.



Four Paws Wee-Wee Pet Training and Puppy Pads – When You Want a PERFECT Product

FourPaws is a trusted name in pet products and their puppy training pads is a perfect example of why customers loves them. Available in multiple sizes and packs, Four Paws Wee-Wee Pet training pads are 100% leak-proof and have a plastic border to contain liquid without any spilling or splashes.

The pads are mde of 5 layers to provide the best absorption and protection. These pads comes with naturall atrractant for pets and neutralizes odors so that your room smells fresh all day.

Due to their increasing demand, the company recently increase the price which is a bummer. Other than that these dogs pads are just perfect.


  • 100% leak proof
  • No odore or smell
  • Comfortable for pets
  • Acts as natural attractant for pets
  • Plastic liner on edges

Final Thoughts About FourPaws Wee Wee Pads

FourPaws wee wee pads are a perfect choice when it comes to training pads for your pet. They have five layers that offers maximum absorbency as well as 100% leak proofing with plastic liners on edges. They comes in various sizes and quantities thus giving you more control on buying choices.



Patience is the Key!

Litter training a pooch is not a piece of cake. It may require a lot of patience. So, expect all kinds of accidents and mishaps meanwhile because this process will take much time. The most important thing is to be cooperative with your pet because punishing him in any way may not just make him depressed, but will discourage him too.

Tips to train your doggie to use pads
1. Put the training pad somewhere in the house. However, make sure it’s not near their bed or sleeping area, but somewhere in its sight/reach
2. When a puppy shows signs that he is about to do its business, then take him to the pad immediately
3. Command him “Go Potty” and once its done, reward your doggie in the form of treats
4. After he has successfully learned how to litter on the pad, train him to do potty outdoors by following the same steps

Final Woof On Puppy Training Pads

On a conclusive note, it can be said that puppy training pads help both dog owners and their pets in a long run. While owners can benefit from easy cleanup by using the product, the loyal animal will get a private space to relieve itself without becoming a nuisance to its master. Besides, it’s essential for a healthy living too. In short, Puppy training pads may not appear as an appealing addition to your home, but they are way better than dog poop and pee puddles lying around. Don’t you agree? Just make sure you look deeply into each and every feature of the mat prior to your purchase in order to ensure smooth potty training.

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