About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting Doggocrate.com.  Doggocrate is the ultimate dog crate resource, packed full of useful information, tips, advice, and reviews on dog crates.  Our goal is to assist dog owners to have the best dog crate experience, and that starts with giving you access to the best information and the right advice.  We have done all the thorough research and collated it here so that you can make an informed decision in selecting the dog crate that is right for you and your doggo.



Let me introduce myself, my name is James and I am a passionate dog owner.  Dogs have always been and will always be a part of my life.  Throughout my childhood, my parents always had dogs including a couple of Yorkshire Terriers, a Fox Terrier, a Whippet cross, a Golden Retriever, and a few Rottweiler’s.  Now I have a family of my own including a Rottweiler & a Japanese Spitz.  They make an interesting combination but I love them both.

Living with these various furry family members, I have seen firsthand the destruction that they can create when left alone in the house.  There have been numerous furniture casualties, including chewed on wooden legs of furniture, parts of leather lounges eaten, doors and timber framework gnawed on, bits of carpet pulled out of the pile, shoes destroyed, and of course the odd pee and poop in the house as they learn potty training and the house rules.  

For years I kept my dog beds in the laundry or garage.  Then about 5yrs ago, a new family friend who is a professional dog training expert, introduced me to the concept of “crating” a dog.  I moved their bedding into the newly purchased crates and located them inside the house.  Although it took a few weeks for my doggo’s to adjust to their new crates, I was so impressed with the benefits that I saw in “crating” a dog.  They now have their own personal space within the home, and I can secure them in their crate which prevents them from getting up to any mischief when I am out.  Its a win-win situation.  Nowadays, they predominantly use the crate as their bedroom where they sleep at night and chill in when they want to relax somewhere quiet.  To me, it feels like they now have a home within a home.


I developed Doggocrate.com because I wanted to provide the ultimate dog crate resource to other dog owners.  By sharing my knowledge and experience I hoped to simplify the decision making process so that your doggo ends up with the best possible crate.  My team of researchers and I have spoken with professional dog training experts, read hundreds of dog crate reports/reviews/complaints, and visited several pet communities and blogs.  We have researched and analyzed many dog crates for their durability, safety and practicality, and have formulated the results in easy to read reviews that are available within this website.  We also packaged together other useful information that will help you in your dog crate journey, these include:

So how do you know which dog crate is the right one for your dog?  There is a wide variety of dog crates available in the market.  There are many different brands, different types, and different sizes to choose from.  Hopefully the information and reviews that we have provided gives you the confidence and knowledge to make the right choice.  We will continue to research, analyze and test more crates to make our reviews list increasingly comprehensive and updated.  I wish you and your doggo the happiest of futures.

Remember, life is too short to live without a dog by your side.