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Considering Dog Crates1

Things to consider when buying a dog crate.

Buying any random dog crate is not good enough. There are several factors that you should consider.

Dog Sizes1

Dog Crate Sizes Guide - What Size Dog Crate Do I Need?

Establishing the size of cage you need is a critical component to ensure you get the right fit for your dog.

Types of Dog Crates1

Types Of Dog Crates - Which Dog Crate is Best for My Dog?

Understanding the benefits and functionality of each type will help you select the one that's best for your dog.

dog crate Reviews1

The Best Dog Crates Reviews and Ratings 2022.

Find the best dog crate for your pet. Learn the Pros & Cons and key features of each crate in our reviews.

Benefits of Crate Training your dog1

What are the benefits of Crate Training your Dog?

Dog crates can provide comfort, safety, and be a great training tool for your dog. Read more here.

Crate Train Your Dog1

How to Crate Train your Dog - A Simple Guide for Crate Training.

Make crate training your dog simple. Our guide is here to help you succeed with easy to follow steps.

Doggocrate is the ultimate dog crate resource, packed full of useful information, tips, advice, and reviews on dog crates. It was developed with the goal in mind to help other dog owners have the best dog crate experience.  That experience starts with getting access to the best information and the right advice.  Our information and reviews have been thoroughly researched so that you can make an informed decision on which dog crate best suits yours and you dogs’ needs.

Your dog is like a family member, their health and well-being are important to you.  One of the biggest concerns that you will have, is how do you ensure the safety and security of your dog when you cannot supervise them.  A dog crate provides a solution to this problem by allowing you to confine your dog in a safe location.  So, what is a dog crate? A dog crate is basically a wire, plastic or metal cage where a dog can be secured comfortably and safely for a period of time.  They are often used to confine dogs when they are left at home unsupervised, used for transportation purposes, or used as the dog’s own bedroom for their “go to place” to sleep or relax.

Simply buying any random dog cage is not good enough.  How do you know which one is the right one?  What kind of cage is ideal for your dog?  What is the perfect size?  How do you train your dog to use the crate?  What are the benefits of crating your dog?    All these questions are answered within this website so that you can select the right dog crate for your dog with confidence.

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Best Dog CratesWithin this website we have packaged together all the useful information that will help you in your dog crate journey, including:

3 easy steps to select the right dog crate.

The simplest way to select the right dog crate is to break the process down into 3 easy steps:

Step 1:  Establish the size of cage you need for your dog.  The correct size crate is a critical component in selecting the right fit for your dog.  A crate that is too big or too small is not ideal. Check out our size guide for more information.

Step 2:  Decide on which type of Dog Crate you require. Take into consideration your dogs behavior, his strength and weight, and how you intend on using the crate to establish the type of crate that you are after.  Read through our pros and cons on each dog crate type and our article on “Things to Consider when buying a dog crate” to help you decide on which one will suit your needs.

Step 3: Now that you have narrowed down the size and type of dog crate that you need.  Read our dog crate ratings and reviews and pick the best one that meets your requirements.

Dog Crate IconThere are many different brands, types, and sizes of dog crates to choose from.  Hopefully the information and reviews that we have provided gives you the knowledge and confidence to make the right choice.  In my opinion, dog crates are a must have for most dog owners.  They offer many benefits for both the owner and the dog.  Just remember that before buying any dog cage, always consider the size, material, design, portability, and that it meets the requirements of your needs.

What is the difference between a Dog Crate and a Dog Kennel

A lot of people think that a dog crate and a dog kennel are the same thing, but that is not the case.  Dog crates are predominately used indoors, they are often portable, and secure the dog within the cage. They are used for confining or transporting a dog. A dog kennel is a more permanent structure that provides shelter outside the house.  They are larger in size and either use a backyard or have their own enclosed fence area to secure the dog.  This additional space gives the dog plenty of room to move around outside of the shelter.

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