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Pets are like a family member to the owners. That’s why, they remain cautious about their health and well-being all the time. The most common problem faced by owners is the security or protection of their beloved pets as they cannot supervise them throughout the day because of busy schedule or any other reason. Even at times, they have to leave them alone at home while travelling. For this purpose, dog crates are at your service!

What kind of pet crate is ideal? Which size is perfect for your pooch? Which crate is best for indoors? Can I take pet carrier along on a trip? If you are also looking for answers, then this is the right website. The main purpose of DoggoCrate.com is to provide you all the relevant information about dog crates/cages/kennels, no matter you want to learn about different types of crates, their uses, benefits or disadvantage, everything is few clicks away.

Why Dog Crates Are Must For?

Keeping in view the importance of dogs’ safety, several brands have launched different kinds of crates. Now you must be thinking why doggie crates are must-have? Why do you need them? Well! There are many advantages of using dog kennels. Curious to know what are those? Find them below

Crates Provide Security and Safety to Your Pup

By providing proper training to pooches, you can help them in getting attached to their kennels. Especially, if your dog is quiet and peaceful by nature, then he will love to spend time in his personal space – a well-designed crate. Moreover, there is no need to worry for the safety of your doggy as these cages are much secure because of the double locking system. The manufacturers of such dog kennels are well aware of the necessity of pet security that’s why they use high-quality material in the making so that it is not easily destroyed by an aggressive animal. No matter whether you are available to supervise your pooch or not, he will remain safe inside the crate, that’s a guarantee.

Crates Offer Comfort to Your Beloved

If you have kids at home, then extra care is required for pet’s comfort and well-being. Under similar circumstances, you can set up this cage at a silent location where your children don’t go every now and then.

Crates Save Doggies from Possible Danger

Some puppies have a bad habit of swallowing things from the floor and they may even gulp a harmful substance, when you are not available to look after them. Therefore, in order to keep your pup away from all sorts of dangerous stuff, you must keep them in a safer place, such as a durable crate.

Crating Dramatically Accelerates House Training Process

Dog owners must be aware of the significance of house training. Canines need an appropriate training for having a better bowel and bladder control, which is necessary to keep their living or sleeping area clean and hygienic. You can speed-up this training process by means of crating. For this purpose, cage should not be bigger nor too small.

Besides size, what are the other features you must look for in a durable crate? Read below

Features to Look For When Buying a Dog Crate

Are you planning to purchase a crate? Be careful in selecting the right model because it’s the matter of security, comfort and ease of your doggie. Here are some essential features to look for while purchasing a crate for your buddy.

1. Size

The cage must be perfect in size according to the breed of your doggie in order to keep him protected and comfortable. There should be adequate space in a kennel so that the pooch can lie down, turn around, sleep and stand up without any discomfort. However, it should not be too big either otherwise, it can cause behavioral issues in animals. These days, divider panel is also available with crate that allows you to either increase or decrease the inside space. In this way, owners do not need to buy another cage when their canine grows and become full size. In short, a perfect sized crate is equal to long-term investment.

2. Hygiene

Try to buy a crate that is easy to wipe and clean. This is the right way to keep your puppy hygienic and healthy. Always remove all food bowls, toys or water, while cleaning process.

3. Portability and durability

You may find several kinds of crates all over. Among them, metal or wired dog crates are more common. They are durable and can easily be carried from one place to another. These cages can also withstand bumps during traveling. On the other hand, plastic carrier is also a travel friendly option, but it can suffocate your canine buddy somehow. While, wooden crates are heavy enough to carry along.

Difference Between Dog Crate and Dog Kennel

Majority of individuals think that crate and kennel are same thing, but it’s not like that. A pooch crate is mostly made of different material like wire, hard molded plastic or nylon. It is highly portable and can easily be utilized for carrying a pup during traveling. On the other side, a dog kennel is not portable and larger in size. It is usually placed outside the house and has sufficient space inside that allows your canine to defecate or play. Mostly wooden crates lie in this category.

You must be aware of the significance of dog crates by now. Don’t let yourself burden about the safety of your pooch, when you can offer them one by purchasing a durable cage. Just select the best crate for your puppy in order to provide them maximum comfort, security and ease. Always consider the size, material, design and portability before purchasing any dog cage for positive outcomes. It is recommended to buy a spacious crate that can also be folded down, when you don’t need it. In addition, do not forget to look for a secure and rust-resistant lock system for better protection.

Your canine friend also needs some space, comfort and security. Buy them a crate and let them do whatever they wish to in their personal room!


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