ProSelect Easy Dog Crate Review

Pooches are considered as one of the most faithful pets of all the time. That’s why, people love to keep them in their homes. However, it is essential to give a comfy and safe ambience to your pets in order to keep them relaxed and healthy. Crates are the best shelter for your beloved, but you must be careful in selecting the most reliable and durable kennel that offers maximum benefits in a low price.

ProSelect is a well-reputed brand that has occupied a leading position in manufacturing durable crates for all types of animals, including big dogs and cats. ProSelect Easy Dog Crates for Dogs and Pets is a similar example. This cage is equipped with high-quality metal wires for an increased lifeline. No matter, you wish to keep it indoors or want to use it for traveling purpose, this model is an ideal recommendation. It provides an ample space to make your canine comfortable and relaxed inside. The locking system of this crate ensures maximum security and safety of your pooch.


Analyzing the features of a product helps you in choosing the right brand, similar is the case with pets’ cages. So, find out the phenomenal features of ProSelect easy dog crate below!

Dual latching

Safety of dogs is the top priority of this brand. That’s why, all of its crates include a single door along with dual latches. Now you can put your canine in this cage without worrying about its safety, when you are away for work or other important stuff. Both these latches are secure as well as corrosion-free.

Easy access

Its dual door system offers easy access to the puppy owners. Unlike other crates, it provides two options for placing food or water inside the cage. Isn’t it great?

Easy to clean

This dog kennel comes with a plastic pan that can easily be detached. You can use any wet cloth for cleaning up this tray, which is situated on the bottom side of the crate. Plastic trays are much easy to wash as compared to the metal one. The detachable pan of ProSelect crates is made of a good-quality plastic therefore; it can be used for a longer time period without any inconvenience.

Highly portable

It is a light-weight product and you can smoothly move it from one location to another. It can also be folded down so that the users can transmit it without any difficulty. The size of crate becomes much small when it is folded therefore; its transport is hassle-free. A soft handle also exists on its upper side that further facilitates you. All these features together make this crate a travel-friendly option.

Accessible in 6 sizes

This crate is especially designed in six different sizes so that the owners can buy it according to the size or need of their pet. These sizes are mentioned below:

  • X-Small size = 18″ L × 12 1/2″ W × 15″ H
  • Small size = 24″ L × 17″ W × 20″ H
  • Medium size = 30″ L × 19″ W × 22″ H
  • Medium/large size = 36″ L × 22 1/2″ W × 25″ H
  • Large size = 42″ L × 28″ W × 31″ H
  • X-Large size = 48″ L × 30″ W × 33″ H

Dual latching system is not included in the x-small kennel. You must be very careful in getting the perfect size crate. Always measure the length of pooch from his chest to the leg’s rear and height to its shoulders. Then add 4 to 6 inches to each of these measurements and that’s all!

Equipped with a divider panel

Divider panel is essential for providing appropriate training to your pets. This specific model entails a divider panel that will allow you to adjust living space of your puppies, as they grow. In this way, you can enhance the inner area of crate, when your canine becomes an adult. In short, this panel is basically a long-term investment that will save you from unnecessary expenses.

Round corners

Now you do not have to stop your children from playing around the pets’ crate with the fear of getting hurt. The corners of this model are round in shape, preventing you from possible harm.

Keeping in view the safety of canines and your kids, the manufacturers of this pet cage have designed it to avoid any inconvenience or accident, even when your doggie is being aggressive and jumping all over.

Strong bars

This crate is equipped with high-quality steel, which is difficult to break by a big or aggressive animal. Strong bars are best for all those pets who often become hard to handle. Moreover, your pooch can stay safe inside this crate.

8 Total Score
ProSelect Easy Dog Crate Rating

  • Foldable, manageable weight, easy to carry because of a comfortable handle present on it
  • Travel-friendly
  • High-quality plastic tray is available within the package that’s removable and easy to clean
  • Latches are present on its doors to protect your dog in your absence
  • A divider panel is also there to save you from extra expenses by helping you in adjusting crate’s size according to your wish and doggie’s requirement
  • Corners are rounded to prevent possible harm and accidents
  • Inexpensive
  • Some ends of this crate are sharp and can cause scratches
User Rating: 4 (1 votes)

Final Woof

This kennel comprises of several useful features that will keep your pet away from any danger. Secure latches are used with its door so that the pup can remain protected and safe, even if you are not around. Now you can also take your dog along, if you have to travel because this particular model is light in weight and foldable. Upon folding, this crate coverts into a briefcase that is easy to carry. It is available in jet black color. Price of this product is also pocket-friendly so that majority of the people can afford it. Pooch owners can give a successful litter training to their canine by using this crate. Overall weight of this product is 37.2 pounds. Moreover, there is enough space to keep the feeding bowl and water inside this cage along with your doggie.

All in all, your beloved pet can stay safe, comfortable, protected and pleased inside this cage. What else do you need?

ProSelect Easy Dog Crate Review Summary

Available in 6 different sizes, ProSelect Easy Dog Crates are one of the best dog cage in the market today. With a dual latching door, removable divider and removable tray, this dog cage is convenient and durable.

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